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week 2, day 3 & week 3

Posted by jess_w Jun 27, 2011

So... I'm a few days behind on the C25K plan. But you know what? It's totally OK (because I say so). And because I'm behind schedule with my workouts, it's only natural I be behind schedule with my blogging about it. Good thing I'm a tech writer and I know how to cram a lot of info into a single "topic"...



I got up at 6 AM on the first morning of my New Mexican vacation and headed to the spa area of our fancy hotel. Claimed a treadmill in the lovely air conditioned fitness room, cranked up the speed to... well, now I forget the speed setting but I set the incline to 2.5%, and I completed my entire workout. And it felt really, really good. But not just due to the climate control. I was proud of myself for sticking to my schedule for that week (and for not outright gawking for the entire half hour at the ridiculous mohawk on the dude using the elliptical machine next to me). I'm sure running on a treadmill is easier than using the sidewalks around my neighborhood, but I did the entire workout exactly as I was supposed to. No stopping a few seconds early or slowing down a little more than I probably should. Nope, none of that. I just did it. Go me!



Started this week of the plan late as well because I let the thunder psych me out on Sunday after getting back from my mini-vacay. It never actually rained that day, but I kept thinking it was going to so I kept putting off the jog-walk. So week 3 began on Tuesday, five days after my last workout. Oy! Going that long between workouts is such a bad thing for me to do. And I simply cannot do three minutes of straight running yet. I have completed all three workouts now, but I still can't get through an entire three-minute rep. I can go just over two and then I go back to walking. But I made up the missing minutes each day by tacking them on during what would be my cool down time and just taking a little longer to walk back to my apartment.


Unfortunately, I've already checked the week 4 workout, and holy crap, I am not ready. I'm wondering if I'd be better off running week 3's workout for another week for a little extra preparation...? Guess I'll just have to see how I feel tomorrow evening and make sure the podcast that feels right is on my tiny blue mp3 player.


Knee pains

I'm still not sure if it's my shaky form or my cheap shoes or my overall out-of-shapeness or (probably) all three, but my knees have not liked me much this week.


  • W3D1: Both knees hurt during the workout to a noticable degree but not enough to bother or stop me.
  • W3D2: Both knees hurt and this time enough to bother me a little. My left knee continued hurting even after the workout. And all the time. Even when just sitting or walking and doing day-to-day stuff. And it was still noticeable two days after that workout.
  • W3D3: Right knee was little achy during the running but otherwise OK. Left knee hurt a little more during running, but it's also doing much better overall.


So maybe the text message I received from this wise fellow explaining that "they are strengthening" had some truth to it and it's just the 'no pain, no gain' phase. I mean, some soreness is to be expected when working body parts a completely different way, right? Still, I should definitely look into some better running shoes because I could see this extreme knee discomfort happening again.

5K selected

On a positive note, my first 5K has be chosen. I plan on running the Cincinnati Habitat for Humanity's Raise the Roof 5K on September 17. Well, that's the plan as of now. I'm trying to figure out when they're going to open up registration for the race. Guess I've just got to keep an ear to the ground and an alternate 5K in my back pocket. But I'm glad I have a goal now. I think it'll definitely help keep me from straying from my workout schedule. And it's going to be fun! Bonus!

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week 2, day 2.

Posted by jess_w Jun 14, 2011

We've been having some fantastic weather in southwestern Ohio the past few days. Made Sunday's workout quite tolerable and tonight's, well, almost enjoyable. (Almost.) Of course, the good weather brings everyone outside. And I don't really mind that, but when I had to pass one of my neighbors' backyards where they were grilling out, I couldn't think about anything else except how badly I wanted a cheeseburger. I considered jogging over there and asking for one. I mean, if I jog in place while eating, it cancels it out, right? And then that stupid Yoplait commerical -- where the chick wants a large slice of cheesecake and her self-negotiation is to jog in place while eating it -- ran in my head. And then I wanted a cheeseburger and cheesecake.


And now after typing "cheese" so many times, I want some cheese. Cubes, slices, melted on chips, really any form will do...


Yeah, it was a good workout tonight. I'm already a workout behind on my plan but I'm not sweating it. I'll get through it all even if takes me closer to 10 or 11 weeks. But tonight I was really pushing myself. If you're familiar with the program, week two's workouts consist of six 90-second runs. Well the first four went shockingly well. But I might've given up a little early on the fifth... On the sixth, I told myself to just go as long as I could. I was telling myself, "Just make it to the end of this block and you can walk." And then before I got there, I changed it to, "OK, just push yourself a couple more seconds to make it across the street and then you can walk." And I think the jogging angels must've been watching over me at that very moment because I kid you not, the second I officially hopped onto the sidewalk across the street, the music changed and Robert was chiming in congratulating me on completing my last jog. It was incredibly awesome.


Another quirky observation I had tonight had to do with how off balance I feel after my last run. I often give my boyfriend a hard time because when we're strolling together he can never walk in a straight line and he often runs me off the sidewalk or path. He says he's too busy focusing on all the stuff around him that he can't focus on walking. Well I think I'm the same way when I'm done jogging. It's like I'm so tired I can't think or see straight and I start darting all over the sidewalk. It's kind of like I'm drunk. But then again, dehydration is dehydration, right?


Tomorrow morning I'm heading to New Mexico for a little "girls trip" with my mom and sister. And I've already packed some workout clothes and I plan on wearing my tennis shoes. I cannot believe I'm actually going to do my third workout this week while technically on vacation. What has this program done to me??

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week 1, day 2.5?

Posted by jess_w Jun 6, 2011

I thought about how I so did not want to get up early to knock out my third workout tomorrow morning, so I decided to go for it this evening at dusk. And the weather was fine.Lots of couple out walking their dogs (and smiling at me when I passed them) and lots of kids riding bikes (also smiling at me and even waving). So some aspects of tonight's workout were nice even if they had nothing to do with the actual exercise.


But overall I wasn't focused and three jogs in I had a pretty painful stitch in my left side that didn't go away. I kept walking briskly for the entire time and then some because  was so thrown off I forgot to turn around halfway, but I'm not quite sure I'm going to count it as my day three completed. I plan on trying it again on Wednesday, but if I can't or don't, I'm starting week two on Thursday. Not sure I'm ready but it's all a process, right?

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week 1, day 2

Posted by jess_w Jun 5, 2011

I've decided that I will try to complete my workouts on Thursdays, Sundays, and Tuesdays (in that order because my week for this plan starts on Wednesday). And I prefer running at dusk because the temperature is relatively comfortable then and I can spend the rest of my evening alone and stinky if I want to. But when I have plans for an evening, such is the case tonight, I have to adjust and drag my lazy butt out of bed to take care of my workout early. And I fully intended to do just that this morning. Set an alarm and everything. Too bad it was easy to turn off and go right back to sleep... for three more hours!


So my payment for sleeping in was me having to get outside for my workout at 11:30 in a day where the temps are expected to be in the 90s. Fun...


Honestly, it wasn't too bad. I made it through the day 2 routine just fine even though my legs were still a tad sore from three days ago. I wore a more appropriate headband and pair of socks to help with some of my "issues" from last time. And while I was still pretty out of breath after the running, I felt like I was controlling my pace a bit better and was able to catch my breath more easily while just walking.

Something bizarre I did notice. There were a lot more people out and about in my neighborhood today. When I'd pass someone, I'd make eye contact and smile. Correction, I'd try to. They all pretty much ignored me and refused to make eye contact. What the hell?? Is there some secret, unwritten code I know nothing about that says you must not acknowledge any other human being while working out in public. Are we going to turn to stone or something?? Because I don't want to turn to stone. Really, I don't. I just need information here, people. (OK, so I get that some people are just really "in the zone". Which is fine. Great even. I'm just not there yet, so until then, it's going to remain bizarre to me. I guess us southerners really are just friendlier...)


This afternoon I plan on picking up some new shoes. Cheap ones, though, just to replace the ones I'm using now, which are pretty much falling apart. I'm not quite physically or mentally ready to allow myself to shell out the bucks for "real" running shoes. And week 1, day 3 is Tuesday. I have plans that night and work all day, so I'm going to try to take care of the workout at 6 AM. Lord help me...

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C25K week 1, day 1

Posted by jess_w Jun 2, 2011

Yesterday just happened to be National Running Day, but that actually has nothing to do with anything I'm about to write.


See, my guy is pretty fit, a psuedo-avid runner, and he's invited me a few times to jog with him, but I've always turned him down because, well, I really am a "couch potato". But I decided to try and give it a shot yesterday because 1) I ain't getting any younger and 2) it could be something nice we could share.


Unfortunately, maybe two minutes into actually jogging, I was pretty much out for the count.


I quickly realized I couldn't just jump into jogging (not even running -- yes, they're different things in my mind) and I needed to take a different approach that would actually work. So I decided I'm going to try the Couch-to-5K plan.


Today was day one. I downloaded Robert Ullrey's week 1 podcast and headed out. And for the most part it went OK. There's plenty of sidewalks for me to use in my neighborhood and I think doing it on my own, just focusing on the music/instructions helped keep me going. But a few things could've been better:


  • I lost my headband. -- Booo...! I would've preferred not losing my headband. I'll use super glue next time.


  • My cheaper than cheap old sneakers, which I haven't worn in probably five years, rubbed a blister on just below my right outside ankle. -- What a weird place to get a blister!  I must shell out some cash for at least decent shoes right now.


  • At the halfway point in the podcast where Robert explains that I shouldn't be out of breath, I was totally out of breath. -- I was probably trying to jog too quickly. It just feels weird jogging too slowly. It's like I'm just walking only doing it all weird. So I need to figure out a better pace, and that might just take a little time.


Week 1, day 2 is planned for Sunday...

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