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week 2, day 2.

Posted by jess_w on Jun 14, 2011 6:36:41 PM

We've been having some fantastic weather in southwestern Ohio the past few days. Made Sunday's workout quite tolerable and tonight's, well, almost enjoyable. (Almost.) Of course, the good weather brings everyone outside. And I don't really mind that, but when I had to pass one of my neighbors' backyards where they were grilling out, I couldn't think about anything else except how badly I wanted a cheeseburger. I considered jogging over there and asking for one. I mean, if I jog in place while eating, it cancels it out, right? And then that stupid Yoplait commerical -- where the chick wants a large slice of cheesecake and her self-negotiation is to jog in place while eating it -- ran in my head. And then I wanted a cheeseburger and cheesecake.


And now after typing "cheese" so many times, I want some cheese. Cubes, slices, melted on chips, really any form will do...


Yeah, it was a good workout tonight. I'm already a workout behind on my plan but I'm not sweating it. I'll get through it all even if takes me closer to 10 or 11 weeks. But tonight I was really pushing myself. If you're familiar with the program, week two's workouts consist of six 90-second runs. Well the first four went shockingly well. But I might've given up a little early on the fifth... On the sixth, I told myself to just go as long as I could. I was telling myself, "Just make it to the end of this block and you can walk." And then before I got there, I changed it to, "OK, just push yourself a couple more seconds to make it across the street and then you can walk." And I think the jogging angels must've been watching over me at that very moment because I kid you not, the second I officially hopped onto the sidewalk across the street, the music changed and Robert was chiming in congratulating me on completing my last jog. It was incredibly awesome.


Another quirky observation I had tonight had to do with how off balance I feel after my last run. I often give my boyfriend a hard time because when we're strolling together he can never walk in a straight line and he often runs me off the sidewalk or path. He says he's too busy focusing on all the stuff around him that he can't focus on walking. Well I think I'm the same way when I'm done jogging. It's like I'm so tired I can't think or see straight and I start darting all over the sidewalk. It's kind of like I'm drunk. But then again, dehydration is dehydration, right?


Tomorrow morning I'm heading to New Mexico for a little "girls trip" with my mom and sister. And I've already packed some workout clothes and I plan on wearing my tennis shoes. I cannot believe I'm actually going to do my third workout this week while technically on vacation. What has this program done to me??

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