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November 2007

2008 Run For The Hungry

Posted by JSA Nov 29, 2007

On Thanksgiving Day, for the second year in a row, 20+ members of my family participated in San Diego's Run For The Hungry 5K/10K Run/Walk. The course started just outside PetCo Park and looped its way through downtown San Diego and the Gaslamp Quarter. Since I ran the 5K, I had my brother (who was walking with my nephew) shoot pictures with my Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 and carry the GPS unit around the course.


Here's a screenshot of a map from Sony's GPS Image Tracker software showing the course area with a couple of race photographs plotted directly on it:



And here are a few snapshots from the race itself:















As you can see, there were several thousand runners, walkers, trotters, strollers and meanderers filling the streets of San Diego on a stunning Thanksgiving Day morning, showing community and togetherness for a great cause!



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Balboa Park Scavenger Hunt

Posted by JSA Nov 21, 2007

Traditionally, my extended family spends every Thanksgiving together in San Diego.  This year, as an experiment, a couple of my cousins organized a four-team scavenger hunt all around Balboa Park.  As evidence of completion of the tasks, each team had to take a photo showing them finishing the task in quesion at the various locations.  Here are some of the photos taken by my team (all with my Cybershot DSC-W80):


Silliness at the Nikigator:











Through the looking glass (or is it the fountain?):











What word could we have been spelling?















A lovely time was had by all . . .



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The Bean

Posted by JSA Nov 16, 2007

Here's a bit of abstraction from our reflective walk through The Cloud Gate at Chicago's Millennium Park:



FYI, I can be found at 8 o'clock . . .

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Posted by JSA Nov 15, 2007

As a basis of comparison, here are two cats with whom I am acquainted.


My friend the cheetah:



And Andy, one of my brother's four cats:



Both photos were taken with Sony cybershot cameras; the first in 2001, and the second one week ago.  You can guess which picture has a better back story . . .

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Walking Home

Posted by JSA Nov 8, 2007


I live about a mile from my office, so my daily commute consists of a glorious walk along the Chicago River. On my walk home last night, I wanted to test the DSC-W80's various settings for twilight shots and slow shutter speeds exposures. Of course, since it was in the mid-30's in Chicago, my gloveless shaking hands gave the steady shot technology all it could handle. Here are a few of my favorites:



Looking south down the river from the Randolph Street Bridge:





The Merchandise Mart:





North on the Kennedy Expressway from the Washington Boulevard overpass:





Given the difficulty of shooting in the cold and wind, the camera did a remarkable job of maximizing image quality while minimizing human error.



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This is my nephew, Augie (from the VERY FIRST set of pictures taken with my brand new Sony Cybershot DSC-W80!):



I babysat for him tonight at his house in Queens. While it is undeniably great fun to play with the coolest 8-month old I know, taking care of him for a solid six hours is utterly exhausting. No one bothered to tell me that carrying a 26 lb. crying baby around for an hour is no picnic regardless of whether or not that kid is a relative. Diaper changing, I can handle. An exhausted, unhappy, teething baby, not so much.


It was a relief, however, to see that he was even worse the next day with his own parents.

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