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Goals for 2011

Posted by F Heyward Dec 31, 2010

{Ok so I really blew the initial setup of this active blog. I thought I could set up multiple blogs.   I actually want this to have it's own page but ....oh well live and learn.}


Well ya gotta have a goal to know when you arrived and how you're doing along the way.

I decided that 2011, I would make no New Year's resolutions - I would only set goals for the year.

Therefore my running (& activity goal) is to do the equivalent of 2011 miles this year.


Easy said and done for those who average 50+ mile weeks.  Based on 50 weeks of training per year that equates to ~ 41 mi/week.

My average is closer to 30-35 if I'm not training for a marathon.

So the operative word for me is equivalent because I have other activities that I enjoy as well as running that also require a fair amount of time.

Fortunately for me the good folks at Iowa State produced a conversion chart for these other activities.


My secondary goal is to run an 18-20 mile run each month.  I have not selected which marathons I want to run this year so this should at least keep me in a reasonable training window to make a decision 8 weeks out on a run if I procrastinate.


Much like my marathon training - writing about it will keep me honest


Basketball60 minutes3 miles
Bike/Stationary Bike15 minutes1 mile
Fitness/Mind Body Class15 minutes1 mile
Racquetball/Squash60 minutes3 miles
Soccer60 minutes3 miles
Step/Eliptical Machine10 minutes1 mile
Swim10 minutes1 mile
Volleyball60 minutes1 mile
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Marathon #2 complete.  It was a nice honest course w/ the rolling hills. I'm content with my performance, given only 3 hours of sleep and an upset stomach that resulted in 12 minutes lost due to pit stops.  Overall time was 4:31.  I was shooting for 4:15-4:30.  Take away the pit stops and I was in the window.  Nonetheless I powered thru.


My only goal for this event was to redeem myself from my performance during the AZ IMS in Feb and run an even race. In Feb I had trouble converting good half-marathons into a decent marathon performance (by my standards).  In hindsight, perhaps this nagging thougt might explain my lack of good quality sleep for the past 2 nights (performance anxiety?).


After this race, my confidence is up.  I ran in control and proved I'm past my 18 mi mental check-out hurdle.  I think I can actually start running the race vice surviving the miles.  However, there is still lots of room for improvement - now the real training begins.


I'm told that things get easier once you've completed 3 marathons.  The obvious lessons have been learned: maybe not incorporated but learned.


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Week 18 (8-13 Nov)

Posted by F Heyward Nov 13, 2010

Week 18 - final taper week.  This week only calls for 3 days of running.  I varied the order of the runs based upon my sked.  Another change made was that I did not run 2 miles today (Sat) based upon the amount of walking  that I did on Friday.  Some friends flew in from San Diego and I put in ample time walking the EXPO floor and on the streets of downtown meeting up with them.  I will be running with a pace group so that should prevent me from starting out to fast.  Therefore I don't feel bad about skipping Sat's 2 miler.


My friends from San Diego are all going for time goals that will qualify them for Boston.  Whereas, I'm trying to redeem myself from my peformance in last year's Arizona IMS (  Better said I want to ensure that I incorporate the lessons learned from that race. Unfortunately I did not get the amount of uninterrupted sleep last nite that I was hoping to get.



Tues3 mi4 mi
Wed4 mi3 mi
Frirestlots of walking
Sat2 mirest


Only regret that I have is that I woke up early today and my stomach  was not feeling well.  Last nite was more typical of what happens to me  the nite before a race, when I wake up often fearing that I might  oversleep. Tonight's plan is to get to sleep much sooner.  Sunday will  be an early wake-up ~ 0400 so I can go thru my normal routine.  Race  doesn't start until 0715 but I have to drive to the race shuttle area.   The last shuttle bus is at 0600 (ughh).  Better that I guess than  battling the traffic and street closures and the accompanying anxiety.


Next update will be the post race report.  Wish me well

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Week 17 (1-6 Nov)

Posted by F Heyward Nov 11, 2010

1 week to go.  Without fail a cold is trying to creep up on me.  The weather here has been erratic (hot wx followed by cold fronts).  The cumulative effects of the training and the wx swings makes me a bit vulnerable to a cold.  So I'm trying to be smarter and rest appropriately.  I decided to forego my last quasi long run of the program (8 mi) and rest instead.  I know that my program is not dependent upon 1 run, I'm well into the taper period.


My wife pointed out that this has happened often in the past.  I'm trying to avoid what I call the "Y" chromosome syndrome and power thru and not be flexible on my training plan despite what circumstances or my body tells me.


I made this mistake during my training for the 2nd run (La Jolla Half Marathon) in the California Triple Crown Series and continued to train with a micro tear in my calf muscle, thinking that I couldn't take time off.  Needless to say it cost me and I limped thru the entire race.   So here's my hard learned golden nugget: "Listen to your body and adjust your running.  Do not train injured.  It will cost you in the long run."


I'm starting to burn my race day mantra in to my head.  Watching the ING Marathon was good motivation.  However, I like watching the races that not only focus on the elites but the everyday runners who take on the challenge of the race and conquer it in their own way.



DayPlan (mi)Actual


Now I need to focus on mental preparation and ensure that I run my race according to my training level/program.  Easier said than done, as I have friends flying in from San Diego who are trying to use this race to BQ.


The challenge for this "Padawan" is to stay the course and listen to the force.  Where's Yoda when you need him?

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Week 16 (25-30 Oct)

Posted by F Heyward Nov 1, 2010

2 weeks to go, the mileage taper commences.  Overall good week.  I used the shorter runs to work on speed (relative to race pace).  Humidity was relatively low, as best that I can remember.  I'm feeling good, confidence is up.  Saturday's run w/ my neighbor was great.  We were clipping along at race pace effortlessly and conversing thruout.  I didn't realize we were at race pace until after the run.


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Week 15 (18-23 Oct)

Posted by F Heyward Oct 23, 2010

Ok life happens so I had to forego one day of running this week and swap days on another occassion. Put in  miles less than the program requires but work calleth.  I wlll chalk this up to  a cumulative build up for the program.  This week's key run was the third and final 20 miler before the actual marathon.  You will notice that I only logged 19 miles of running.  I don't include walk breaks in my mileage tracking.  I did get to try out a new hydration pack - Camelback's Hydropak, 50 oz.  It beat the other methods in terms of volume and keeping my hands free.  However,  I made the mistake of trying to wear it too high on my back which in  turn affected posture and circulation (i.e. improper strap adjustments).  My particular model doesn't have a chest strap and I wanted to minimize movement of the pack.  In my opinion get a model that has a chest strap.  Strange that models' are sold under the same name but with different configuration.  My fault for not verifying.  I  looked at the bag on one website and ordered from another one.  Oh well,  I'll continue to experiment but it won't do me any good in the short run as my distance are getting shorter.  Longest remaining run is a 12 miler.


Here's the week's snapshot



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Another good week.  Stepback  to  34 miles,  I behaved in regards to mileage (34.5).  Sked limitations meant I had to run 1 less mi on one day but I added it to the next workout.  Temp and humidity have been very conducive for training.  I was able to make two group runs during the week. Given that it was a lower mileage week and groups runs are normally at a slower pace, I took the time to play with pace & tempo during the other days of the week.


I'm still working on finding the perfect hydration system (for me).  My amphipod hand bottle is good but  it's limitation is capacity unless water fountains are on the route.  Also carrying something in my hands for 20 miles is not my fancy.



Well, what about belts?  I have Nathan speed belts.  Belts interfere with my breathing and lower stomach beyond ~ 12 miles.  I end up tightening the belt down b/c I  any bouncing drives me nuts.  It takes my focus away from running (in  negative sense). 



I'm still looking for the smaller capacity backpacks ~50 oz but they're becoming hard to find at a good price point now that the 70 oz models are all over.

My hydration saga continues........ In the mean time it looks like my next 20 miler will have to be done on a route where I double back to my car so I can refill/exchange bottles...




So here's the week



Day of week
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Overall a great week.  I did make a few modifications to Hal's plan: namely I only ran 5 mi pace run vice 10 miles before my long run.  I wanted to make sure that my legs would be there for me during the long run.  I needed a confidence boost.  On my previous 20 miler, I was not acclimated to the TX humidity  and had to move my run inside to finish it.   Mentally I need to run the 20 milers straight thru.  Additionally, I did some tempo and speed work during my runs during the week and the 5 miler was  faster (30 secs) than race pace.  The "long run" was a supported run.  My Alamo Running Buddies (kudos to Doug & Jazzy for organizing it) did and outstanding job for those of us prepping for San Antonio RnR (Full or 1/2).  They carried all our nutrition & hydration needs, allowing us to run hands free and practice our race & aid station strategy.  They ROCKED!!!  It was a great motivation booster.  Once we all hit our target miles, we hopped in van and were homeward bound  (of course post cool down & stretching)


So here's a summary of the week:


Day of week
calendar day
Mon04 Oct5
Tues05 Oct10.4
Wed06 Oct5.5
Fri08 Oct5
Sat09 Oct20
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Ohh... I've been remiss in keeping the post updated.  However, I have been putting in my miles.  The weather took a pleasant turn as far as temp and humidity is concerned.  This was a much needed step back week on mileage.


Mon -  mi recovery run

Tues - 6 mile group run (ended up a little shy, course but enjoyed the company)

Wed - 5 mile group run (another day where I ended up a little short but due to the course but pace was stepped up)

Fri - 6 mile solo pace run (need accurate mileage)

Sat - good 12 mi run w/ a smaller group in my neighborhood.


It's great when you run with a group.  I feed off of group run as compared to solo runs.


Looks like next Sat will be a supported long run.  Excellent b/c it's suppose to be my 2nd 20 miler.

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Week 11 finish

Posted by F Heyward Sep 25, 2010

Ok so I stuck with the sked as planned 10, 5, 10, 20.  However, running outside in the humidity really has me questioning whether it would be best to switch to the 1/2 marathon.  Humidity levels hovering at 90% and above just suck all my energy, motivation and etc.  I seem to be able to tolerate the humidty for up to about 7 miles.  At the end of the runs, I look like I just got out of a pool.  It doesn't seem to matter how much fluids I intake or the fact that I'm slowing down my pace.  I think my body can't cool down enough.  I still have not gotten acclimated to the weather.


So here's how things went

10 miler (Tues): Good run.

Ran the run indoors.  I had an appointment in the am and wasn't able to run until about 12pm.

5 miler (Wed): Good run.

I got  caught in about a 5 min torrential downpour but at least my body  was  cooled off and didn't have to worry about overheating.  Even got to  do  some speed play and get back down to paces that I would run in a less   humid environment.

10 miler (Fri): less than stellar

Overcome  by the humidity (100%) at the end. I was dead after ~7.5 miles.

20 miler (Sat): Ok run.

I ran the first 10 miles outside.  However, the humidity drove me to go into the gym to run the last 10 miles on the track.


So here's the lessons learned:

  • If humidity is greater than 80%, all runs > 8 mile will be done indoors on the track.
  • Until I find a group/another runner in the local area with a compatible schedule, I will likely switch up the order of my long runs and near long runs (10 milers).
    • Friday there are lots of people running in the gym so I wll have some company on my long runs.  Keeps  me closer to the pace for LSR (GPS doesn't work indoors, hence no accurate pace measurement)
    • Gym doesn't open until 8 am on the weekends this is too late to start a 20 miler (family & life calls)
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Week 11 start

Posted by F Heyward Sep 20, 2010

Again I'm using a modified version of Hal Higdon's Intermediate II program

- Today was a short 5 miler

- After a day off from my long run I felt great this morning.

- I hope that I didn't push it too hard to the point where it will impact my long runs on the weekend.

- I have to fast tonite for a blood test tomorrow so either I will have to switch the workout order for next two days or run later in the evening.

- Tomorrow is suppose to be a 10 miler and the following day a 5 miler.

- I will have to see what fits the sked best.

- Fingers crossed.


- OBTW does anyone know what relative pace I should run on days that are not long runs or pace days.

  • I know long runs should be 30-90 secs slower than planned race pace
  • Pace runs are self explanatory


Thanks in advance.


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Week 10 Long run

Posted by F Heyward Sep 20, 2010

(18 Aug, Sat - 19 Miler)  Overall run went well.  I was feeling good up to about the 15 mile point then the humidity and the lonely environmet started to win out the day. 


I planned to run this one inside on the gym track since I'm still not fully acclimated to San Antonio wx.  However, I didn't realize that the gym doesn't open up until 8 am on the weekends.  IMHO that's too late to start a long run (wife & kids). My course is an out and back that I repeat.  So after the first loop (10 mi) I had to stop at my car so that I could change my socks. I generally sweat a lot when I run but this is ridiculous.  I could literally wring my socks out twice.  Well you have to do what you have to do IOT avoid any injuries (i.e. blisters).  My strategically placed water bottles and fountain stops are serving me  well on the hydration front.  Well I look forward to a day off tomorrow.

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shall we start

Posted by F Heyward Sep 17, 2010

Ok I'm several weeks late in starting this blog.  However now that I'm  somewhat settled in my new city I can now do regular updates .  My hope is blogging will keep me honest to the plan & encourage me on those days I just want to rollover.  So feel free to sling arrows or wo


Some data points as a reference:



- Competetive High School 1/2 miler many many moons ago (~30 yrs).

- Running has been off & on over the years.Moved up from 5K, 10K & 1/2 marathon.   I allowed work to get in the way.

- Numerous half marathons & 1 marathon under my belt

- Base mileage for the previous yr has been 30-35 mi/wk


Training Plan:

- I'm using a combination of several but primarily a modification to Hal Higdon's INT II plan. Schedule is shifted 1 day to the left so Sun is my  off day.

- We pick up at ~ wk 9




- Brooks GTS X (my rock steady brand)

- Brooks RAVENA (great gift - enjoying them)

- ASICS DS-15 (still evaluating)



- Garmin forerunner 205


Hydration pack

- NATHAN Speed 2R

- NATHAN Speed 4R


Starting weight:

- 185

- significance: not a goal but too see if I can smartly train, eat right and get down to 175-178 lb fully hydrated and healthy.  (Note: weight loss is not the main focus; it's an OBTW)


- Texas weather (heat & humidity)

- I sweat excessively but hydration belts annoy me after ~1.5 hrs.  I try to look for routes with strategic spots to stash H20 in advance.

- I've relocated so I'm no longer with my previous running groups.  I derive lots of encouragement, camaraderie & etc from running with a group.

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