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Week 11 start

Posted by F Heyward on Sep 20, 2010 3:09:03 PM

Again I'm using a modified version of Hal Higdon's Intermediate II program

- Today was a short 5 miler

- After a day off from my long run I felt great this morning.

- I hope that I didn't push it too hard to the point where it will impact my long runs on the weekend.

- I have to fast tonite for a blood test tomorrow so either I will have to switch the workout order for next two days or run later in the evening.

- Tomorrow is suppose to be a 10 miler and the following day a 5 miler.

- I will have to see what fits the sked best.

- Fingers crossed.


- OBTW does anyone know what relative pace I should run on days that are not long runs or pace days.

  • I know long runs should be 30-90 secs slower than planned race pace
  • Pace runs are self explanatory


Thanks in advance.


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F Heyward

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This started as a chronicle of my preparation for San Antonio RNR. I moved from San Diego, CA - San Antonio, TX and feared my training would be impacted by the humidity, heat and leaving familiar running groups. Blogging would keep me honest and focused.

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