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Week 17 (1-6 Nov)

Posted by F Heyward on Nov 11, 2010 10:08:41 AM

1 week to go.  Without fail a cold is trying to creep up on me.  The weather here has been erratic (hot wx followed by cold fronts).  The cumulative effects of the training and the wx swings makes me a bit vulnerable to a cold.  So I'm trying to be smarter and rest appropriately.  I decided to forego my last quasi long run of the program (8 mi) and rest instead.  I know that my program is not dependent upon 1 run, I'm well into the taper period.


My wife pointed out that this has happened often in the past.  I'm trying to avoid what I call the "Y" chromosome syndrome and power thru and not be flexible on my training plan despite what circumstances or my body tells me.


I made this mistake during my training for the 2nd run (La Jolla Half Marathon) in the California Triple Crown Series and continued to train with a micro tear in my calf muscle, thinking that I couldn't take time off.  Needless to say it cost me and I limped thru the entire race.   So here's my hard learned golden nugget: "Listen to your body and adjust your running.  Do not train injured.  It will cost you in the long run."


I'm starting to burn my race day mantra in to my head.  Watching the ING Marathon was good motivation.  However, I like watching the races that not only focus on the elites but the everyday runners who take on the challenge of the race and conquer it in their own way.



DayPlan (mi)Actual


Now I need to focus on mental preparation and ensure that I run my race according to my training level/program.  Easier said than done, as I have friends flying in from San Diego who are trying to use this race to BQ.


The challenge for this "Padawan" is to stay the course and listen to the force.  Where's Yoda when you need him?

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This started as a chronicle of my preparation for San Antonio RNR. I moved from San Diego, CA - San Antonio, TX and feared my training would be impacted by the humidity, heat and leaving familiar running groups. Blogging would keep me honest and focused.

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