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You drafted the perfect message to your team.  You clicked “Send” and then waited for the enthusiastic responses from team members to just roll in.   But just a few straggling replies came in and you so you thought they don’t care or maybe they just aren’t the kind of people who respond to messages.


Team members may not respond to messages for a variety of reasons, and you can see our post from last month for 10 Tips on Better Team Communication.  But we find the #1 reason team members don’t reply to messages is because they simply aren’t asked to respond.


Try this trick… turn every SmartMessage to your team into a question or request.


Rather than adding a subject line for your message that says “Picture day this Saturday,” change it “Will you be at picture day?”  Then use the Multiple Choice, Order Form or other SmartMessage format to collect appropriate responses or to recruit volunteers.     Change “Tournament details” into “Who can volunteer to help with the tournament?”  Turn “Team Dinner” into “What will you bring to the team dinner?”  Turn “League safety manual and rules” into “Please acknowledge receipt of these league rules.”


Yes, it’s possible to turn EVERY message into the form of  a question or request and you should do it once in the subject line and then again within the message body.


Try it in your eteamz SmartMessage Center today to start increasing the engagement you have with your team and to make your season more enjoyable and productive!

Watch these videos for more information:

-          Learn about using the SmartMessage Center

-          Use the Order Form and SmartPay to collect orders and payments

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