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Kimberly,  Congratulations!

Posted by kmacd Nov 4, 2007


"Kimberly,  Congratulations!  We're excited to announce that you have been selected to become a brand ambassador for Sony."


yipeee....for those who don't know me...this is very exciting.  i have a  love of taking photos...and sharing them with friends and they have visibility into my life..(introduces them to my friends... where i travel for work.. and share in my life adventures...)


warning: annie lebowitz I'm photo's capture moments to share... spur memories. I'll warn you... "silly' always ends up in the end of my lens..(that would be others not me <wink>) ...of course...if anyone wants to get in a tub full of milk (i.e. Whoopie)..i can give it a try...




...i have the opportunity to actually take my camera/photos to the next level...and play with sony's new toys (camera, gps & video).. geek dream come when you take a locates where the photo was taken ....and when i upload the photo' plots it on a google map..


hmmmm... i wonder if i take a picture while i'm having a glass of wine at my local(the lobster)...watching the sunset over the pacific....if it will locate to the bar?? ;o) ...definitely have to test that out!!!


cool uses...



nancy something for your cruise    (...each port of call and excursion...hey...if you take a photo on the ship (on the way to a destination)... it will show up that it was taken in the middle of whatever ocean your sailing in! ;o ).....



sarah for you while your in australia and for your cruise ..(hmmm cruises are popular this year...pack your water wings....i hope you guys get the boat's with the 'climbing wall' and the 'surfing pool'..they look pretty cool.. ;o)...i wonder if you keep the GPS in your pocket...fall off the boat(i'm watching too much 60 mins)..they could find you quicker? the doohickey in my ski coat (if there's ever an avalanche on the bunny slope...i'll be found!!!)..



vicki this would have been perfect for you on your safari!!  every photo you took would now be uploaded to a map where you took it(so that's the field the giraffe was in...)....



and when ...stephen(from australia) did his US cross country trip...he would never have to remember what town he was in ..the gps would remember... ;o) 



fine print...


so i'm reading the "fine print/details" make sure if i drop one of these cool new gizmo's.....i don't owe 10k or my first born to anyone =8-o....i'm not the most graceful of individuals......



some of the finer points.......



1.       Publicity Appearances. 



'PUBLIC APPEARANCES!!!"...HUH??? WHAT???? make a 'personal appearance'???  =8-o...<chuckle>. all I can say...get my autograph now...before I get famous and you'll see brad pitt  ‘george clooney' <better> trying to get in my shots!! ;o).... I need an agent <chuckle> ..( in too long)...






Travel......i'll take a leap that my ‘public appearances' won't be in london/paris and I can probably rule out going via the new A380 (Luxury jetliner features beds, flatscreen TVs, lobster).... I do recall "coach' in the travel paragraph ... and besides.. that new jet liner...just warned.." Singapore Airlines says it won't tolerate the 'Mile High Club' in its A380 suites. "... buzz kill....





some other things...


they have the right to terminate this agreement .......

a) If you commit any act that shocks, insults or offends the community or ridicules public morals and decency;


i'll have to rein in my 'crazy' no nude bungee jumping i guess?...yes...there is such a thing..i just read about it on CNN "Up for nude (or semi-nude) bungee jumping? They'll book you here, the world's bungee-jumping capital."


apparently there is clothing/wardrobe as well...i do love couture ..;o)

Team Identification.  Whenever possible, you agree to wear the apparel while using the Sony® GPS CS1KA unit and/or other Sony electronics provided to you under this program.


so no nude bungee jumping for me in the near future ;o)...but I'm sure there are a lot of other events i can do with my clothes on!!!


k ;o)

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hmmm.....noodling on how to best capture this in a few lines... ;o)

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