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Happy Summer

Posted by Trish18 on Jun 29, 2008 10:21:37 PM

Much like Becky's last post, I recently have also been struggling with training a little bit. Mostly the running part. It's my least favorite of the disciplines that comprise triathlons and I've also been having some ankle/shin splint pain. I'll be home in St. Louis for a wedding in a few weeks and I plan to go back to the orthotic specialist that cast my first set a few years ago--hope to get everything worked out so I can go for a pain-free jog. The tri will be only a little more than a month away by then, but that's alright. I'm going to be in Europe (with Becky!) for about 3 weeks during the peak of my training and I am certain I won't keep up with the program. I'm ok with that. I'm still looking forward to getting out there and enjoying race day!


That being said, I do anticipate a super active July prior to the Europe trip. Becky is going to come and hang out for a few weeks leading up to our trip and we are going to rock Chicago's lakefront.


70 miles on the bike this week, with some cross training mixed in:


Tues= 8 mile bike

Wed= soccer game + 10 mile bike

Thurs= 1 hr of tennis

Fri= 19 mile bike + beach volleyball

Sat= 22 mile bike

Sun= 11 mile bike


I love summer!

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