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Bug and Feedback Report

Posted by ActiveAdmin Oct 8, 2007

Please email with any new bug reports or feedback. Updates and announcements are listed below. Be sure to take the NEW SITE TOUR to review updates and new features affecting ALL eteamz & Active members. Thank you!


Member feedback is why we've created the new The new site is entirely about you. Whether finding things to do, checking out our articles and special sections, getting involved in the community, or taking advantage of one of our products, the choice is up to you. After years of reviewing feedback (focus groups, thousands of phone calls and email) and planning, we're now in beta. We've begun with our consumer Web properties, and This is just the beginning and foundation. There are certainly going to be some oddities, bugs, and necessary updates when making such a major change to long trusted and utilized portals. We're here listening and acting on your behalf to make this the best experience possible for all members and visitors. We'll be making a lot of updates in the coming days, weeks and months.


On Our Radar:


  • Community user interface improvements for better flow, usability and presentation of content

  • Search Update: We are in the process of resolving a few known bugs and reviewing all feedback to help us improve our new advanced search, which includes a larger variety of activities and media. Based on user interest we have provided a link on our new search box to our [classic search| you're having a problem finding a specific event, please advanced search the event name and keywords you used in search.

  • Improved “new” message notifications on message board discussions

  • Threaded message board discussions

  • Groups

  • Avatars: general improvements such as larger size, display more member data, etc.

  • New My Active features (e.g. invite/add friends) and user interface improvements


Thanks again for your feedback and continued patience.


* *

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The time has come! I'm very excited to announce the new is now in beta. With that, we could really use your help in testing out all the new features. This is the real deal. Any content you post will stay put.


This new site is about YOU. Whether you're a team sports fanatic, endurance enthusiast, action junky, or just want to be fit, all of us here at Active look forward to seeing you living the active lifestyle.


Please take the NEW SITE TOUR to review updates and new features affecting ALL eteamz & Active members.

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Up and Running

Posted by ActiveAdmin May 25, 2007

I'm very excited to finally be making this blog post. We're just about ready to role out the red carpet. It's been a long, fun and crazy road. The Consumer Media team is pumped up and ready to make the experience the best ever (and ongoing).


Stay tuned for updates and announcements surrounding beta testing. Be sure to click "Watch this Blog" under Actions on the main Launch Blog  page to have automatic updates sent to you (login is required). See you here on!

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eteamz FAQs

Posted by ActiveAdmin May 25, 2007

Q. What will remain on eteamz?


A. eteamz will remain a true product and community of Websites. eteamz will host site building tools, site finders, spotlight sites, epointz and other Website community related programs.


All community features (items which do not live on individual team, league or organization eteamz sites) such as public message boards, personal profiles, tips and drills, announcements, blogs, etc. will now live on We will be redirecting all the current Web addresses for these features to point to their new locations.


Q. Can I easily get to the community portal from eteamz?


A. Yes. eteamz will be accessible directly within the new In future phases we'll also be bringing eteamz customers many optional tools, providing the ability to incorporate community features within their Websites (message board posts, news & articles, member profiles, video, etc.)


Q. I administrate an eteamz site. How do I log into the Admin?


A. Same as you do today.


Q. I’m a member of one or more eteamz sites? How do I log into a site as a member?


A. Same as you do today.


Q. Will my eteamz site address change?


A. No. It will remain the same as today.


Q. How does someone find my eteamz Website?


A. Websites will be searchable on both eteamz and


Q. Fun Fact: "eteamz" or Eteamz?


A. Always "eteamz," never capitalized.

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Video Information

Posted by ActiveAdmin May 25, 2007 Video will provide members and visitors with an interactive video sharing community; providing upload and editing (remix) features, viewing (including tags) and search. Comments and ratings are coming soon.


We encourage all members and visitors to get involved and share recorded memories and interact with each other.

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New Login Process

Posted by ActiveAdmin May 25, 2007

Q What is a "Display" name?

A: The user's display name will be how they are identified within the Beta, eteamz, and future Active Network products. It allows for individuality, while also providing another level of security for user privacy.


Q: Why is my display name already taken?

A: Beta requires each account be identified with a unique display name. As a result, common or generic display names may already be in use by other users who have upgraded their account(s) prior to you. If you discover your favorite display name has already been selected, you may add additional symbols and/or numerals to make your display name unique.


Q: How can I get help now?

A: If you need immediate assistance, please contact our customer support team by email or call 877-228-4881.


Q: Do I have to create another account?

A: No, you may navigate throughout the Beta without signing on, and will only be prompted to log in if you attempt to post video, post on the message boards or blogs, send private messages to members, provide feedback or submit a bug.


Q: Why do I keep getting the "Invalid login" message?

A: This message indicates the use of an incorrect username(email address) or password. The information you entered did not match the username and password we have on file. Please double check that you are entering the information correctly and try again. If you continue to

receive this message please contact our customer support team by email or call 877-228-4881.


Q: What if I forget my username?

A: If you can't remember the email address you've provided as your new Beta username, you'll need to contact our customer support team by email or call 877-228-4881., or you may contact your account manager to assist you with this request.


Q: What if I forget my password?

A. There is a "Forgot My Password" link conveniently located on all login pages. Simply click and follow the directions to have a reset password link sent to the email address saved in your Beta My Active account profile.


Q: How do I update my password?

A: Passwords may be updated in the "Account" section of Beta My Active section, or in the website admin section of eteamz under view/edit my profile.


Q: Where can I update my information in my Beta account?

A: Personal information may be edited in the My Active section.


Q: Is there a character min or max on usernames?

A: Max 100 characters, Min 1 character before @ sign, 1 character before dot, then 2 characters.


Q: Is there a character min or max on passwords?

A: Max 20 characters, Min 6.


Q: Is there a character min or max on display names?

A: Max 25 characters, 1 character minimum.


Q: Are Passwords case sensitive?

A: Passwords are case sensitive and will not be recognized with the improper case.

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New My Active and Profiles

Posted by ActiveAdmin May 25, 2007

My Active will be an member's personal profile and content management tool for everything Active.

  • Administrate your private account information (display name, email, password, location).

  • Administrate your public profile (avatar, biography, activities, interests, why you're here, etc).

  • View and manage all your videos, discussions, wikis, videos, email notifications, etc.

  • Stat a blog (import tools available)

  • Communicate with other members in your own secure personal message center.

  • Coming Soon: View upcoming and past activities (with access to your registration data, receipts and results)


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New Message Boards

Posted by ActiveAdmin May 25, 2007

Our new Message Boards provide more features for members and better moderation tools for us.



  • All member nicknames (which will now be referred to as Display Names) will be unique.

  • Search – basic and advanced (by user, keyword, date, etc)

  • Topic watches (receive new message notifications on threads and replies)

  • Forum watches (watch entire forum for new posts)

  • RSS Feeds (each board will have unique feed)

  • Attach one or more files to a post                      

  • More board categories and sub-categories

  • Highest rated / top member listings (based on a point system… members get points for good answers, helpful advice, etc)

  • Badges can and will be awarded to members = member levels (i.e. novice, pro, etc)

  • Ability to ban usernames. User can still login and use our tools, but not make posts in the community.

  • Notifications will be sent out to members for posts rejected by moderators. Staff will have the ability to accept or reject posts before they go live. This will be included on the new boards and implemented as necessary. We will also be able to moderate IP addresses, allowing anyone from a particular IP to post, but messages are quarantined at first to weed out any "bad" posters associated with the IP.

  • Members will be able to rate other member's posts (e.g. “did you find this post helpful?”). This will help you determine credible members in the community (a good way to find new moderators).

  • Pending, but highly desired: An "Ignore/hide posts from this user" feature will be on every post, so you ignore (ongoing) posts from specific members.

  • A feature to report abuse will be on every post. The difference from now is we can set the removal of content by votes (e.g. if a post is reported 5 times, it can automatically be removed from public view).


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Comments and Ratings

Posted by ActiveAdmin May 25, 2007

There will be places to voice more opinionated and direct (but clean) comments versus posting on our community discussion forums. New user generated comments and ratings (e.g. 1-5 stars) will be associated with much of our professional and user generated content (articles, videos, products, organization, tournament and camp listings, event listings, etc).

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