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eteamz FAQs

Posted by ActiveAdmin on May 25, 2007 2:31:00 PM

Q. What will remain on eteamz?


A. eteamz will remain a true product and community of Websites. eteamz will host site building tools, site finders, spotlight sites, epointz and other Website community related programs.


All community features (items which do not live on individual team, league or organization eteamz sites) such as public message boards, personal profiles, tips and drills, announcements, blogs, etc. will now live on We will be redirecting all the current Web addresses for these features to point to their new locations.


Q. Can I easily get to the community portal from eteamz?


A. Yes. eteamz will be accessible directly within the new In future phases we'll also be bringing eteamz customers many optional tools, providing the ability to incorporate community features within their Websites (message board posts, news & articles, member profiles, video, etc.)


Q. I administrate an eteamz site. How do I log into the Admin?


A. Same as you do today.


Q. I’m a member of one or more eteamz sites? How do I log into a site as a member?


A. Same as you do today.


Q. Will my eteamz site address change?


A. No. It will remain the same as today.


Q. How does someone find my eteamz Website?


A. Websites will be searchable on both eteamz and


Q. Fun Fact: "eteamz" or Eteamz?


A. Always "eteamz," never capitalized.