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New Login Process

Posted by ActiveAdmin on May 25, 2007 2:23:00 PM

Q What is a "Display" name?

A: The user's display name will be how they are identified within the Beta, eteamz, and future Active Network products. It allows for individuality, while also providing another level of security for user privacy.


Q: Why is my display name already taken?

A: Beta requires each account be identified with a unique display name. As a result, common or generic display names may already be in use by other users who have upgraded their account(s) prior to you. If you discover your favorite display name has already been selected, you may add additional symbols and/or numerals to make your display name unique.


Q: How can I get help now?

A: If you need immediate assistance, please contact our customer support team by email or call 877-228-4881.


Q: Do I have to create another account?

A: No, you may navigate throughout the Beta without signing on, and will only be prompted to log in if you attempt to post video, post on the message boards or blogs, send private messages to members, provide feedback or submit a bug.


Q: Why do I keep getting the "Invalid login" message?

A: This message indicates the use of an incorrect username(email address) or password. The information you entered did not match the username and password we have on file. Please double check that you are entering the information correctly and try again. If you continue to

receive this message please contact our customer support team by email or call 877-228-4881.


Q: What if I forget my username?

A: If you can't remember the email address you've provided as your new Beta username, you'll need to contact our customer support team by email or call 877-228-4881., or you may contact your account manager to assist you with this request.


Q: What if I forget my password?

A. There is a "Forgot My Password" link conveniently located on all login pages. Simply click and follow the directions to have a reset password link sent to the email address saved in your Beta My Active account profile.


Q: How do I update my password?

A: Passwords may be updated in the "Account" section of Beta My Active section, or in the website admin section of eteamz under view/edit my profile.


Q: Where can I update my information in my Beta account?

A: Personal information may be edited in the My Active section.


Q: Is there a character min or max on usernames?

A: Max 100 characters, Min 1 character before @ sign, 1 character before dot, then 2 characters.


Q: Is there a character min or max on passwords?

A: Max 20 characters, Min 6.


Q: Is there a character min or max on display names?

A: Max 25 characters, 1 character minimum.


Q: Are Passwords case sensitive?

A: Passwords are case sensitive and will not be recognized with the improper case.