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New Message Boards

Posted by ActiveAdmin on May 25, 2007 2:17:00 PM

Our new Message Boards provide more features for members and better moderation tools for us.



  • All member nicknames (which will now be referred to as Display Names) will be unique.

  • Search – basic and advanced (by user, keyword, date, etc)

  • Topic watches (receive new message notifications on threads and replies)

  • Forum watches (watch entire forum for new posts)

  • RSS Feeds (each board will have unique feed)

  • Attach one or more files to a post                      

  • More board categories and sub-categories

  • Highest rated / top member listings (based on a point system… members get points for good answers, helpful advice, etc)

  • Badges can and will be awarded to members = member levels (i.e. novice, pro, etc)

  • Ability to ban usernames. User can still login and use our tools, but not make posts in the community.

  • Notifications will be sent out to members for posts rejected by moderators. Staff will have the ability to accept or reject posts before they go live. This will be included on the new boards and implemented as necessary. We will also be able to moderate IP addresses, allowing anyone from a particular IP to post, but messages are quarantined at first to weed out any "bad" posters associated with the IP.

  • Members will be able to rate other member's posts (e.g. “did you find this post helpful?”). This will help you determine credible members in the community (a good way to find new moderators).

  • Pending, but highly desired: An "Ignore/hide posts from this user" feature will be on every post, so you ignore (ongoing) posts from specific members.

  • A feature to report abuse will be on every post. The difference from now is we can set the removal of content by votes (e.g. if a post is reported 5 times, it can automatically be removed from public view).