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October 8, 2007

Bug and Feedback Report

Posted by ActiveAdmin Oct 8, 2007

Please email with any new bug reports or feedback. Updates and announcements are listed below. Be sure to take the NEW SITE TOUR to review updates and new features affecting ALL eteamz & Active members. Thank you!


Member feedback is why we've created the new The new site is entirely about you. Whether finding things to do, checking out our articles and special sections, getting involved in the community, or taking advantage of one of our products, the choice is up to you. After years of reviewing feedback (focus groups, thousands of phone calls and email) and planning, we're now in beta. We've begun with our consumer Web properties, and This is just the beginning and foundation. There are certainly going to be some oddities, bugs, and necessary updates when making such a major change to long trusted and utilized portals. We're here listening and acting on your behalf to make this the best experience possible for all members and visitors. We'll be making a lot of updates in the coming days, weeks and months.


On Our Radar:


  • Community user interface improvements for better flow, usability and presentation of content

  • Search Update: We are in the process of resolving a few known bugs and reviewing all feedback to help us improve our new advanced search, which includes a larger variety of activities and media. Based on user interest we have provided a link on our new search box to our [classic search| you're having a problem finding a specific event, please advanced search the event name and keywords you used in search.

  • Improved “new” message notifications on message board discussions

  • Threaded message board discussions

  • Groups

  • Avatars: general improvements such as larger size, display more member data, etc.

  • New My Active features (e.g. invite/add friends) and user interface improvements


Thanks again for your feedback and continued patience.


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