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Discontent With Mayor at Heart of School Uproar

Posted by dsgg on Nov 26, 2010 7:59:50 PM

monster headphones She not only signed a petition asking the state education commissioner,  David M. Steiner, to deny Ms. Black the waiver required for chancellor  candidates who lack the necessary education credentials, but also joined  other parent leaders Monday in gathering in front of Dr. Steiner鈥檚 home  to deliver a bound stack of petitions and letters opposing the  appointment. The difference in Ms. monster beats Donlan鈥檚 reaction, and in that of many public officials and private  citizens, cannot be explained solely by Ms. Black鈥檚 slimmer experience  in the public schools.      Mr. Klein at least went to them, and taught briefly) or her  high-society profile and dearth of public service (Mr. Klein had served  as deputy White House counsel and as the nation鈥檚 top antitrust  official). It is as much about the drastically changed beats by dre educational and political landscape over the past eight years.But  parents and others frustrated by Mr. Klein鈥檚 and Mr. Bloomberg鈥檚  approach do not see another noneducator from the upper crust as a  relief; they see her as more of the same at best, and at worst, a slap  in the face.       Sure, people who follow such things knew that the Board of Education, monster studio once a hotbed of political squabbling, would be replaced by a panel  whose majority would be appointed by the mayor. But no one foresaw that  if the mayor鈥檚 appointees disagreed with his policies they would be  fired, as two were on the eve of a controversial panel vote in 2004,  rendering the panel toothless. Now that it is clear that mayoral control  really means mayoral control, the question of who would execute the  mayor鈥檚 wishes has taken on more importance beat Studio.

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