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On Your Left!

Posted by ManintheArena Nov 8, 2007

Had a great time in Pasadena last weekend. Emmy and I were up there for the L.A. Muddy Buddy . The race is a six-mile-or-so course divided into five stages. A team of two takes turns running or riding a mountain biking, leapfrogging each other until they reach the final obstacle--a 50-foot mud pit. It was our fifth Muddy Buddy, but our first in the L.A. area. (It was actually in San Dimas, at Bonelli Park.)


Our official time  of 54 minutes, 20 seconds, put us 15th in our age group (Coed 46-55). But at least a couple of those minutes were spent wallowing in the mud. We tried to snap some pics using a waterproof camera, but it got muddy (my fault) and I couldn't wash the lens off. We'll see if anything develops.


The course was probably the most challenging of all the ones we've done. Lots of hills and some technical parts that had us riding on sand, carrying the bike through parts of a lake and hopping guardrails. The only complaint with the race was that too many participants don't abide by the "stay to the right except to pass" maxim. Race organizers didn't stress that at all, either. There were several times when someone on the course in front of me would stop dead in their tracks to walk or push their bike and almost get run over by someone behind them.


However, upon further review, this is California. I guess people race how they drive.


Here's the link to the picture page  so you can order mugs and mouse pads with my muddy face on them!

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