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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Posted by ManintheArena on Dec 1, 2007 12:40:00 PM

That's been the question concerning training since Thanksgiving. Should I get up at dawn on my day off to run a 5K turkey trot? I could just run the same route later.... I went. Had fun. Good decision.


That weekend, though, was a different story. I'm trying to stick to Gale Bernhardt's half-marathon training plan in preparation for the OC half-marathon on January 6. But the Sunday after Thanksgiving I just wasn't feeling it. So I stayed inside, watched football and read comic books. Oh well.


Then Tuesday came along and with it, Arch's ActiveX training ( Welcome to ActiveX). Should I join up, even though it wasn't really built in to the training? I did. It hurt. But it was fun. It's significantly easier to stay motivated while working out in a group setting. Plus, I look damn good in those videos, huh? Haha!




But one workout an athlete doesn't make (does sense that make?), and when the time for ActiveX workout no. 2 came along on Friday, there was another stay or go decision to ponder. It was raining and Arch was promising an outdoor workout. But shoot, if Luke's Active Blog and Michelle are going then I gotta go, too, yeah? Can't wait to see the video for that one.




Now it's Saturday afternoon. The training plan calls for a 2-hour run--the longest I will have ever done. But UConn plays Gonzaga on ESPN soon. And then the Ironman World Championships is on. And then it'll almost be dark, and then...



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