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Talkin' AToC

Posted by ManintheArena on Feb 16, 2008 11:40:58 PM

I started the trip with a camcorder sans microphone, a point-and-shoot camera, a rented Chevy cobalt, 400 miles between San Diego and Palo Alto, and a "Go get 'em!" from Luke (the boss, aka Luc the Good Egg).


Along the way, I thought about the approach Active's Tour of California page should take in presenting the race. While creating the package, I wanted a section to showcase helpful articles related to the stage. You'll see climbing tips on mountain days, sprinting tips on days that end in circuits, and general cycling and racing articles throughout the eight-day event.


I also had a box created that features rides in California anyone can sign up for. This is a step beyond our traditional coverage of big events (such as the Tour de France). The goal is to make it easy for you to ride some of the same roads the pros will. Because after all, if we're not getting you fired up to ride your bike, we're not doing our job as journalists.


I'm not exactly sure when it was I realized I had attempted to create a page that could pertain to cyclists even if they didn't care about Vaughters and the gang, Leipheimer, Boonen, and the rebels of Rock Racing. If Cameron Crowe were directing this trip, the epiphany might have hit me while I was listening to the Allman Brothers as the sun set over the hills south of San Jose. But it may have been while singing along to the Aladdin soundtrack driving along the top-tube-straight stretch of Interstate 5, past endless farmland drinking Dr. Pepper and eathing Munchies Mix. Whatever...


The point is, there's more to cycling than biological passports, ASO's evite list and the constant need to update your Rolodex of who is on what team. cycling also involves, you know, pedaling and riding and stuff. And these pros do that pretty well, I hear.


So America, here's your chance to watch a top-notch tour on your home turf. I'm thrilled to be along for the ride.

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