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March Showers Bring Wildflower

Posted by ManintheArena on Mar 20, 2008 5:34:44 PM

Is it possible to get Honorable Mention in a competition that doesn't exist except within yourself? I attempted to do the B-Fit B-Day Challenge last week since my 27th birthday was on the 16th.


The Challenge called for a 2-mile swim, 27-mile bike and 7-mile run. I did the swim on Saturday morning with Carrie and Toby .



We did a Shores-to-Cove-to-Shores swim in La Jolla. After starting the excursion by passing a seal funeral (several seals surrounding one that didn't seem to be moving. A funeral was our best guess.), crawling over a veritable island of seaweed, and then rolling with 10 to 12-foot waves, we made it back to shore for my first open water swim of the year.


Tuesday, I biked in to work and then biked home for a total of 34.6 miles. But then came fulfilling the run portion...


I don't like that part. I ran for about 38 minutes on Thursday, but that's it. At my pace, that's about 3.8 miles.


So I didn't even make it to bronze level in the Challenge. I guess there's always next year. The real worry is Wildflower. I need to start doing some long jaunts if I'm going to have the stamina to do the 10K at the end of the race. It's hilly, could be hot, and will definitely be hard.


Oh, and I have to beat Luke. Otherwise, it's going to be a loooong drive home...

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