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Man in the Arena

December 8, 2008

Over Thanksgiving Weekend, Emmy and I braved the rain and holiday traffic (on California freeways each of those elements is dangerous, especially between SD and LA. Stop snickering, East Coasters, life is hard out here) for a trip up north to Sequoia National Park . We arrived at Horse Creek Campground just before dark, leaving enough time to set up and start cooking.


In the true spirit of our pilgrim ancestors, we cooked over an open fire--though I'm not entirely sure they had pre-cooked turkey legs. I'll have to check wikipedia.



On Friday we drove to the park and bought a National Parks Annual Pass! Since none of our East Coast friends ever come out to visit us, we decided we'll have more time to see our nation's natural splendor (before the oil drilling starts).


It was still cloudy and slightly damp that morning...until we started ascending. By the time we got to  (about 6,700 feet above sea level) we were above the clouds.



Back on the road, we drove through the Tunnel Log on our way to do some more hiking.



Here's Emmy in front of a fallen sequoia's root system:



And another of Emmy coming out of a 100+ year-old cabin that some lonely rancher built into a tree (his place is about the size of our apartment):



Why is this bear crossing the road?



On Saturday, we awoke to a sunny morning, ate our oatmeal, then headed back into the park. We went straight for the big bopper: General Sherman . This tree is the largest living organism in the world (not the tallest, but largest volume-wise).



It's too big to even fit in the many "That's what she said" jokes, so little time...


Throughout the Park are trees with burned out hollows in their trunks. I think I saw Gollum in this one.



The Park is also packed with beautiful redwoods (though in sepia, everything is beautiful).



Our final hike took us to the roaring (at least in the spring, I'm told) Kaweah Falls.



"This would have made a nice spot." Yeah, thanks Emmy. I appreciate the reminder.


On our drive out of the park, we saw one this big fella.



Emmy didn't sleep so well that night...

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