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Lance Taking His Lumps in California

Posted by ManintheArena on Feb 16, 2009 6:16:47 PM

It's been a rough road for Lance Armstrong in his return to American bike racing. The seven-time Tour de France winner hasn't found his first Tour of California to be a walk on the beach (not that such a walk in California would be all that fun right now anyway).


After learning that his time trial bike had been stolen in Sacramento, Lance embarked on the rainy, cold slog called Stage 1. Following the finish, Armstrong updated his Twitter with this: "Holy hell. That was terrible. Maybe one of the toughest days I've had on a bike, purely based on the conditions. I'm still freezing."


It can't get much worse than that, right? Well, Stage 2 from Sausalito to Santa Cruz wasn't much drier, warmer or safer. Lance's updated LIVESTRONG page revealed he had a crash with a photographer's motorcycle.



Yet despite all this, Lance sits just 30 seconds back in the overall standings. Levi Leipheimer has quite the domestique! Tomorrow's stage, from San Jose to Modesto, opens with the nearly 2,000-ft. climb up Sierra Road within the first five miles of the start.


By mile-60, however, the stage becomes flat with few turns. After watching on Versus as Lance put on a clinic on how to take off a jacket and put on a vest while riding next to a team car, I think this part of Stage 3 could be the perfect time for him to demonstrate how to Twitter while riding a bike. Lance is so proficient at the social networking phenomenon he's attracted over 100,000 followers and growing.


I think Bike Snob NYC put it best: "Lance Armstrong is a prodigious Twitterer. In fact, he's sort of the Lance Armstrong of Twitterers."


So I'll be keeping my eyes on the Texan whenever he's near his team car, hoping someone hands him a phone. Hopefully the photographer's motorcycles stay out of his way.

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