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Enjoying the Olympics? Me too! At least now that I've discovered how the DVR on my TV can save me from NBC coverage insanity.


The irony that a network whose mascot is a peacock should cover the Games with incredible amounts of fluff and color (commentary) is not lost on me. And that's where my DVR comes into play. Take today for instance. I came home from work, parked myself on the couch and watched a recording of the tail end of last night's prime time coverage. Just the short track speedskating relay. I skipped the Flying Tomato. Then I switched over to a recording from earlier today of a women's biathlon event--a sport I'm tremendously in awe of. I imagine doing biathlon is similar to running stair sprints at a stadium, but every time you get to the top you have to stop on a dime and play Operation. If you buzz, you have to do an extra sprint. And if you're Scandanavian, you're entire country is watching you.


Following the 20 minutes of biathlon, I skipped the next hour and 40 minutes of women's halfpipe qualifying. Yawn. Next, my wife watched two-thirds of the women's USA vs. Finland hockey game. We then started tonight's prime time programming. We blinked and almost missed the women's super-combined. Rewind. Fast forward past the halfpipe finals. Oops, we're caught up to live. Time to watch yesterday's Colbert Report, where he may have threatened Bob Costas with bodily harm. Back to prime time, and it's men's figure skating.


Over five hours of Olympics condensed into three, skipping over commercials, montages from yesterday and Mary Corillo's polar bears the whole way. Now we can watch the hockey overtime shootout between Russia and Slovakia while recording the end of figure skating.


So if you don't have DVR and can't skip the How to Train Your Dragon interpretation of viking curling, take my Winter Olympics quiz instead! I came up with these questions for an Opening Ceremonies party we had. Disclaimer: I fact-checked these questions with the zeal of Johnny Weir researching the rules of hockey. So not much. And I just took them from whatever site came up first in Google--Wikipedia, IMDB, Urban Dictionary. So if any questions are wrong, I apologize. Answers will be posted in the comments section.


Round One: Olympic History


Who is the most decorated U.S. Winter Olympian ever?


a)    Bonnie Blair

b)    Eric Heiden

c)    Apolo Anton Ohno

d)    Peggy Fleming


Which of these sports has never been a demonstration sport at the Winter Games?


a)    Skijoring

b)    Sled-dog racing

c)    Co-ed luge

d)    Ski ballet


What year was the first Winter Olympics held?


a)    1924

b)    1938

c)    1908

d)    1898


Which city hosted the last Winter Olympics in the United States?


a)    Lake Tahoe

b)    Salt Lake City

c)    Lake Placid

d)    Detroit


How many athletes have won medals at both the Winter and Summer Olympics?


a)    none

b)    eight

c)    two

d)    four


What two current events has the U.S. never won a medal?


a)    Ski jumping and curling

b)    Biathlon and luge

c)    Mogul skiing and ski jumping

d)    Biathlon and Nordic combined


Which sport made its Olympic debut at the 1920 Summer Games?


a)    Figure skating

b)    Ice hockey

c)    Curling

d)    Ice dancing


Which of these countries has NOT hosted both the Summer and the Winter Olympics?


a)    Switzerland

b)    Japan

c)    Canada

d)    Italy


Round Two: How Well Do You Know the Games?


Which of the following is a real figure skating move named after a former Olympic gold medal winner?


a)    The Witt Twist

b)    The Hamill Camel

c)    The Button Hook

d)    The Yamaguchi Watootsie


What are the four Winter Olympic sports held indoors?


The biathlon combines what two sports?


a)    Ski jumping and cross-country skiing

b)    Bobsled and luge

c)    Cross-country skiing and riflery

d)    Cross-country and downhill skiing


What two sports make up the Nordic combined event?


a)    Ski jumping and cross-country skiing

b)    Bobsled and luge

c)    Cross-country skiing and archery

d)    Downhill skiing and mogul skiing


What the heck is the sport of skeleton?


a)    Sliding down a ski slope on a sled with two runners

b)    Sliding down a bobsled track in a bobsled with no sides

c)    Sledding headfirst down a bobsled track

d)    You’re just making that up.


Round Three: Odds and Ends


Which clothing designer created the gear the U.S. team will wear during the opening ceremonies?


a) Tommy Hilfiger

b) Hugo Boss

c) Ralph Lauren

d) Marc Ecko


Which sport were participants recently unsuccessful at petitioning the IOC and the Canadian government to have included in the 2010 Games?


a) Women’s 4-person bobsled

b) Men’s doubles figure skating

c) Synchronized freestyle skiing

d) Women’s ski jumping


After winning a World Cup race in Val d’Isere, France, in 2005, Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn chose this prize instead of taking $1,200 in additional prize money:


a)    A cow

b)    A 4-foot wheel of French cheese

c)    Her body weight in chocolate

d)    A dozen cases of Champagne


In the movie Cool Runnings, a character played by Doug E. Doug says the line “Feel the rhythm! Feel the rhyme! Get on up, its bobsled time!” to pump up his Jamaican teammates. What was that character’s name?


a) Mellow Johnny

b) Sanka Coffie

c) Soupie Cambell

d) Slim Jimmy Morrison


What is the name of the Vancouver Games’ sasquatch mascot?


a)    Sassy

b)    Quatchi

c)    Harry

d)    Burpee


According to, Vancouver is “that city where if you own a house already, you can sell it and buy two of the same in Toronto, or three in Calgary, or ______ in Winnipeg.”


a)    A whole block

b)    A maple syrup factory

c)    The mayor’s house

d)    An entire street


In the movie Miracle, who played U.S. Olympic hockey coach Herb Brooks?


a)    Tom Hanks

b)    Patrick Swayze

c)    Kurt Russell

d)    The dad from Malcolm in the Middle


Which of these Olympians did NOT appear in the movie D2: The Mighty Ducks?


a)    Wayne Gretzky

b)    Greg Louganis

c)    Kristi Yamaguchi

d)    Kerri Strug


According to the kids from South Park, when Brian Boitano was in the Alps fighting grizzly bears, he used his magical _________ to save the maidens fair?


a)    Laser skates

b)    Sequined sword

c)    Salchow stunner

d)    Fire breath


Final Question


In figure skating, a salchow is a jump done from the back inside edge of one foot and landson  the back outside edge of the other foot. How do you spell “salchow”?

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