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Well, file this under "news of the weird". Whiskey maker Jeremiah Weed is demanding an apology from Floyd Landis for blaming his 2006 testosterone positive at the Tour de France on drinking too much whiskey the night before the test.


From PR Newswire:


Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Whiskey Demands Apology From Floyd Landis


"Weed Does Not Cause a False Positive" Says Brand Namesake


WEED, Ky., May 25 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Today, Jeremiah Weed, the original Southern Gentleman and proud father of Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Whiskey and Cherry Mash Bourbon Whiskey, publicly demanded a formal apology from shamed cyclist Floyd Landis for falsely blaming whiskey as a possible cause of his positive test for synthetic testosterone in 2006, which resulted in the stripping of his 2006 Tour de France champion title.


"In light of Mr. Landis' recent admission that the cause of his positive test was indeed a result of his use of performance-enhancing drugs, I believe he owes the world of whiskey a formal apology for his careless defamation of our passion," says Jeremiah Weed. "Jeremiah Weed is a brand built on Southern Hospitality and good, clean fun. I said it then and I'll say it now -- Weed does not cause a false positive."


Mr. Weed further stated, "When Floyd Landis' camp made those allegations in 2006, we didn't know how whiskey consumers would react. Luckily, our loyal consumers were able to see through Landis's statements and continued to enjoy our Bourbon Whiskey and Cherry Mash Flavored Bourbon Whiskey. "


Jeremiah Weed recognizes how many individuals and groups were affected by Landis' allegations in 2006, as well as his recent choice to "come clean." The brand also recognizes that others in the sport may be tempted to blame whiskey should further positive drug tests come to light.


"Hopefully professional racing cyclists will think twice before trying to place blame for their transgressions on whiskey," said Mr. Weed. "But for those who try to besmirch our industry in the future, you're more than welcome to join me in my backyard to debate the issue while we sip some of the best whiskey our country has to offer -- responsibly of course."


Mr. Weed frequently speaks on the responsible use of his products and all alcohol beverages. He said that responsible consumption of alcohol is essential and that it is important that underage persons not have access to alcohol. His comments on responsible drinking can be viewed on You-Tube and on his website




Jeremiah Weed Blended Bourbon Whiskey is a 90 proof bourbon whiskey brought to the public by Mr. Jeremiah Weed, the original Southern gentleman. Born of a long Southern and Kentucky distilling tradition, Jeremiah Weed utilizes only the highest quality ingredients for a taste we think you'll find second to none. You can learn more about Jeremiah Weed Blended Bourbon Whiskey, Jeremiah Weed Sweet Tea, Jeremiah Weed Cherry Mash Flavored Blended Bourbon Whiskey, Jeremiah Weed Country Peach Sweet Tea, Jeremiah Weed Bourbon Liqueur and "The Legend" Mr. Jeremiah Weed himself at or Mr. Weed reminds you to please drink responsibly.




Diageo (Dee-AH-Gee-O) is the world's leading premium drinks business and industry leader in promoting responsible drinking, with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, wines, and beer categories. These brands include Johnnie Walker, Guinness, Smirnoff, J&B, Baileys, Cuervo, Tanqueray, Captain Morgan, Crown Royal, Beaulieu Vineyard and Sterling Vineyards wines. Diageo is a global company, trading in more than 200 countries around the world. The company is listed on both the New York Stock Exchange (DEO) and the London Stock Exchange (DGE). For more information about Diageo, its people, brands, and performance, visit us at

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The media storm began to form late last night, with short briefs appearing online hinting at emails Floyd Landis sent to "cycling officials" that detailed his apparent doping while possibily implicating others. By this morning it was a full-blown hurricane of accusation.


Over the past several weeks, Landis sent emails to USA Cycling, anti-doping officials, sponsors and various media outlets confessing that he used EPO, blood transfusions, testosterone, HGH and other forms of performance-enhancing drugs dating back to 2002.


While this might not come as a shock to many considering his 2006 Tour de France positive and the subsequent, lengthy trial in which he fought to clear his name, it is the names that Landis cites as complicent in his doping schemes that will surely generate the most buzz around these revelations.


Among those he calls out are:

  • Lance Armstrong
  • Johan Bruyneel
  • Levi Leipheimer
  • Dave Zabriskie (the current overall leader of the Tour of California)
  • George Hincapie
  • Dr. Michele Ferrari
  • Andy Rihs (former owner of Landis' Phonak team)


Undoubtedly, the denials have been quick and assertive. Landis so far has offered no hard evidence--photos, receipts, recordings--just his word against theirs. However, that this story first came to light through two non-cycling-related media outlets, the Wall Street Journal and ESPN, underscores the accusatory nature of the confession. American cycling fans are all too familiar with the mainstream media concentrating only on doping allegations in cycling, rather than the sport itself. That Landis chose to talk exclusively to ESPN's Bonnie Ford (so far, anyway), and that the WSJ obtained copies of three emails while Cyclingnews only reviewed one suggests Landis knew his audience. His timing (sending the emails just before the Tour of California), indicates he knew when he'd make the biggest splash.


The immediate impact is that the Amgen Tour of California, a race shaping up to be the most exciting cycling event in the United States in a long time, has a rather unruly storm cloud hovering nearby. Whether it will pour down or just blow over remains to be seen.


Landis can't be admired for cheating or for lying. He's certainly hurt a lot of former supporters who donated to his cause to "Free Floyd" while fighting the 2006 TDF doping infraction. But will he become cycling's equivalent of Jose Canseco--the baseball player whose revelations on rampant steriod use in the Major Leagues were widely mocked and ignored, yet are becoming more and more believable as time goes on? Or will Floyd be exposed as a desperate man who played on people's willingness to believe in "An American Hero" (as his website calls him), yet finally left the sport clutching at straws? Undone by the road rash of his own attempt to throw others under the bus with himself.

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That Mark Cavendish is presently one of the best cyclists in the world at sprinting to a stage victory is pretty much undeniable. Yesterday in Sacramento he proved it again, edging J.J. Haedo to win Stage 1 of the 2010 Tour of California.


So how does Cav train to cover a couple hundred meters faster than anyone else? Several months back VeloNews found out. In the article "Mark Cavendish's Secret to Sprint Training", the HTC-Columbia rider told Ben Delaney, "I just do a sprint, one or two sprints at the end of every ride. I do them over-distance. In a Tour de France stage you're looking at between 150 and 250  meters. But I always do 300 meters."


He went on to outline his routine: "I get to the bottom of a slight downhill, just rolling. I'm not  pedaling much, just rolling at about 40k an hour. Then  I hit it, boom! I hit it, and I go 70k an hour and I try to hold that  for 300 meters. I always die. And it's about dying and just trying to  sustain that to 300 meters. If you can do over-distance then you can  sustain 250 meters no problem. That's all it is, really."


Cavendish has always been one to credit his teammates for delivering him to the right position, and this time is no exception: "I trust them, you know? I race with such an experienced group of guys."


No doubt we'll see more of the HTC-Columbia leadout train over the next week. And there's nothing like a big-time bike race in your home country to get me to finish my commute home with a hard kick to the parking lot line.

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Race organizers of the 2010 Amgen Tour of California held a pre-race press conference in Sacramento on Saturday, May 14. Below are select quotes from riders, organizers, tv commentator Phil Liggett and city of Sacramento officials.


Lance Armstrong (USA) Team RadioShack


"The Amgen Tour of California is a big race for us.  It's no secret that this is a huge priority for us.  I might even take it a step further by saying it's second only to the Tour de France."


On the team's condition:

"Personally, I struggle to find the condition that I like.  There have been moments I thought it was getting better.  I like to think we're heading in the right direction.  This is an event where you can truly test yourself.  I do think it's a team sport and we bring a deep team. 


On Tour predictions:

"Anything can happen at the Amgen Tour of California.  We're excited.  We're motivated.  For me, it's good to be back with a great group of guys.  But from the team's perspective, our best chance is Levi.  We're going in with the sole purpose of supporting him.  But it depends on what the road dictates.  I'm happy to be here as a team rider."


On his emotional drive:

"My emotional drive is good.  When you have bad days, as we all do, your drive takes a hit.  If you asked what my emotional drive was after the Tour of Flanders, I would have said, 'I did a pretty good job for an old man.' I still believe that I can win the Tour de France." 


On his condition:

"One thing I've tried to do is simplify my life.  Life is hectic for me now.  Professional cycling, four kids with a fifth on the way, all the travel.  At the end of it all, people ask, 'How do you do that?'  It's not something that I can easily do.  I've tried to cut back as much as I can, but we have 50 days until the start of Tour de France, so I can't rest too much."


Levi Leipheimer (USA), Three-Time Defending Champion -- Team RadioShack


"There's a lot new about the Amgen Tour of California.  It's taking place in May as opposed to February.  The whole feeling about it is different because it's summertime.  The riders of the peloton are much more fit.  We're going higher in the mountains, in Big Bear.  I'm looking forward to seeing exactly what happens that day."


"I've always said that riding into Santa Rosa with the world's best riders in my hometown is really special. It's not something that everyone gets to experience, especially wearing the Amgen Leader Jersey.  It's an overwhelming experience."


"I'm ready for the race. Like the last few years, I'm ready to win."


"I've known Lance over the years. I know he's professional and I've seen him work for guys in the past.  Someone who wins the greatest race in the world knows he can't do it without the team.  When you have a teammate who can win the race and he has better form, you help him.  That's the way cycling works.  That's just the way it is."  


George Hincapie (USA) BMC RacingTeam


"The new team has been great so far.  We started the year with slight growing pains, being a new team.  But the team's really gaining some momentum right now and we're hoping to continue that."


Fabian Cancellara (SUI) Team Saxo Bank


"This is my first race after my break.  I'm happy to come back to this race but how good am I?  I don't know.  What I know for sure is I didn't have the best preparation for coming here.  What's important is that I'm getting back.  I think it's important that I am relaxed and I'm looking forward to this beautiful race.  Hopefully the weather will stay the way it is." 


"I have the energy that I need and the form to be in the top.  The most important thing was to rest after the Classics. The team is strong."


Mark Cavendish (GBR) Team HTC-Columbia  


"I'm excited to be here.  We're a great team, this is a great race.  We're looking forward to it."


Andy Schleck (LUX) Team Saxo Bank      


"We arrived a few days ago, so hopefully we can get ready for the race.  I heard there's a really hard climb ahead of us." 


Dave Zabriskie (USA) -- Garmin-Transitions


"I'm looking forward to racing in my new hometown, Los Angeles. But I'd be looking forward to it regardless if I was a resident or not."   


Andrew Messick, President, AEG Sports


"In our five years we've succeeded in becoming an increasingly exciting race on the international cycling calendar.  We are giving cycling fans in the U.S. the opportunity to see the very best cyclists in the world."


"We are really happy that the sun is shining and our move to May has put us in the heart of the cycling season.  It's also given us a chance to showcase new and more scenic parts of the state and give the fans of California blue skies and warm weather.  We are continuing to work with our partners to craft an event that we think will be competitively challenging for the riders and exciting for the fans to watch.  We have eight great days of racing and the best riders in the world with us."


Jim Birrell, Race Director, Amgen Tour of California


"We have 16 host cities that will let us grace their city with a worldwide audience.  As we hit the streets of San Francisco and head down the coast of California, you will see that this year's Amgen Tour of California will be more challenging than previous years." 


"We are heading to the home of L.A. LIVE and STAPLES Center where the time trial in Los Angeles will prove to be quite challenging compared to previous time trials.  Then we'll move close to the home of Amgen for another decisive stage, Stage 8, the conclusion to the 2010 race."


Phil Liggett, VERSUS Announcer  


"I felt it was a big gamble to move away from February.  It was a way of testing the strength of the organization.  Riders are not too willing to travel a long distance as they are preparing for the Tour de France.  The big teams, the big riders always come to the Amgen Tour of California.  This will be the fourth year VERSUS has broadcast the race.  This year, VERSUS has strengthened its coverage.  We're going live two hours every day.  We're going out to every continent in the world.  The Amgen Tour of California is on par with all of the great races in the world."


Stuart Arbuckle, Vice President & General Manager Oncology, Amgen, official race sponsor 


"One of the reasons we became the title sponsor is to help explain what Amgen does.  The title sponsorship allows us to tell our story.  It allows the opportunity to create awareness for the Breakaway for Cancer initiative, which is a program we started on the first day of our sponsorship.  Breakaway for Cancer is all about raising awareness about our non-profit partners that provide support from prevention to survivorship.  Amgen was born in California, we're headquartered in California and we're proud to sponsor an event that showcases this beautiful state."


Kevin Johnson, Mayor of Sacramento


"We're very proud to be hosting this event again. The Amgen Tour of California is something we look forward to every year and the impact to our local economy is huge.  The people of Sacramento are lucky to be able to participate in this event.  There will be about 100,000 expected attendees and to be able to do this in the month of May, we'll see a much better turnout."


Roger Dickinson, Sacramento County Board of Supervisor's Chair


"The City of Sacramento is so pleased to have the Amgen Tour of California here for the fourth year in a row.  We're especially happy to be in this partnership with Amgen and we hope our hospitality extends to all the cyclists and fans that are here to witness this great race."


"You really can't appreciate what world class cycling is all about just by watching it on television.  And for a long time, we only had that opportunity.  We now have the great opportunity for those who live in the Sacramento region to see this first hand and there's no comparison.  Since last year we've all been in training for this year's event, in our own way.  We know the tremendous benefit this brings to our region."

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