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Getting Psyched

Posted by Mary Leigh on Oct 25, 2007 10:39:00 AM


Our training starts in November (snow training in December) so there's a while yet before I'm going to have anything to say about that.  I'm still doing the tail end of triathlon training, plus the usual Masters swim workouts.  I also just started going to track with my triathlon club (and our new one-percent-body-fat coach, Kenrick) which is a blast, although hard; maybe I'll actually beat 10 minute miles one of these days. 



So anyway, while I'm not training yet for the ski race, I *am* psyching myself for it by reading any number of inspiring tales of major athletes.  Here are some of my favorites in case you're interested too:



*Number one best* of all time psych-yourself book for swimming, cycling and running:



Zendurance: A Spiritual Guide for Endurance Athletes (Paperback)

by Shane Alton Eversfield link:



This guy has thought of reasons to love your workouts I'd never have imagined, and every one of the things he's come up with is 1000% true.  (Plus I've been practicing Zen for 13 years now and it's a true joy to be able to so completely associate my practice with my athletic life).  I fantasize about moving to Lake Placid to train with him and take his workshops.



Number one best book about both cross-country skiing (and the personal issues involved in endurance athletics ):



Long Distance: A Year of Living Strenuously by Bill McKibben link:



I've read this one twice.



Interesting book about Olympic level ski training that has convinced me I'm better off never having had any athletic talent whatsoever:



Endless winter: An Olympian's journal by Luke Bodensteiner link:





















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