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part 2 day 1

Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 on Jul 25, 2011 8:23:08 PM

hey everyone just got back from mcdonalds and then i went played nba 2k11 on playstation network and ncaa football 12.then i went in my exercise room and did 25 jumping jacks and 35pushups.then i went to watch nba tv and i got on my laptop and got on twitter .then i went to ihoops .com read 23airjordan blog and epe09 day 2 post.then i jump on a chair for 20 dad said that if jump on a chair back and forth you will beable to jump higher because i already can touch the rim and i am 5'6 and i want to dunk not just touch the rim.also i talk to my cousin thadeous young he plays in the nba for the 76ers .he said i should go to his summercamp so he can teach me some moves and so i can teach the 10 and 9 years i told him i will think about it.thank you all for reading my new post my next will be soon any comments let me know.

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