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day 18

Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Aug 17, 2011

today was a good day sorry for my absence i been playing with this aau team called the magic.they are 13 and 14 years olds i am taller than some of them and none of them can touch the rim.i been playing on there team for 4 days and i asked them can i play for a few games to get me redy for my school tryouts in a they had a game i had a sick game i bagged 42 points 10 assist and 6 rebounds and 6 threes.all i was doing was shooting and got fouled when i was shooting 3's.i went to the freethrow line 4 times.we won 69 to 35.also iam preordering madden 12 and nba 2k12 friday.also if you want to play call of duty blackops or nba 2k11 of ncaa football 12 on playstation network then add me and name on psn is rj or something i forgot.thankyou for reading my post.

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