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day 23

Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Aug 23, 2011

today was 7th and 8th tryouts there were a lot of people who was there to tryout.this i think  will be the best team ever in the state.we had one guy who was 6,2.he can touch the rim like me.we had to exercise like do pushups ,situps , and jumpingjacks.then we ran 1 had to run it under 6 minutes.i ran it in 4 min and 24 seconds.then we were just shooting jumpshots and doing layups with your left and right. then we did scrimages with 5 different teams.i had all the points.i had like 7 rebounds .at the end coach said that we will have tryouts tommorow because their is a lot of us who are trying out and he didnt have enough time to evaluate all of us.he said at the end of the school on announcements he will anounce who made the first day cut and if you made it come back tommorow.i made it he said my name second and to comeback tommorow.thankyouall for reading my post aqnd i will have one later.

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