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The injury

Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Aug 26, 2011

yesterday i was playing with my friends playing basketball all of sudden my 17 year old brother who plays football interfears with are game and when i am going for a layup he takles me in the air and i brusie or break myleg.i had to go to the docker and get 2 shots and a cast.the docter says i will have it on 3 to 8 weeks.i will miss my team scrimmage and maybe 2 of our games.i am mad at  my big brother he is 6'6 and weighs like 230lbs.he got on punishments to misds some of his games and cant watch tv or anything.i also sprained my wrist.i can barely walk but i have to practice so i can go to school tommorow.thankyou for reading my post..if anybody have any tips for me so i can recover as soon as possible let me know.

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