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Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Jul 25, 2011

i just read epe09 blog and she gave me the ideal that i havent wrote anything about me.i know i just made a post 15min. ago but i had to write about me and this will be cool.ok iam in 6grade going to 7th this year and i am on my school basketball team. we are a good team i am the captain i average 22.3 ppg 6.4 apg 5.2 rpg and 1 block a game. iam 5'6 i can touch the rim and i can shoot the ball  from deep teammates call me kevin durant because i can shoot deep and i can touch the rim and i have long arms and i like to do crossovers and i like to my stepback move.also like to score one time i scored cousin is thaddeus young he plays in the nba for the i am playing at a summerleague and we are in the playoffs.i won the 3point contest and most outstanding award here.i am averaging 24.4ppg 5.4apg 6.8rpg.the reason i made this blog to tell people about my journey to the nba and to be a great player ,better then the legends and just have fun being able to play because i love basketball.everytime since i was 5 i promise myself i will practice everyday and have fun doing it. thank you everybody for reading this i will have more in a day or 2.have any comments let me know.

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