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day 21

Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Aug 21, 2011

sorry i didnt post yesterday about my game i forgot.the game was ok.i had only 15 points 6 assist 0 rebounds!!.i was having a bad shooting game and  i couldnt get inside a lot.i had 0 rebounds.we did win  but i didnt have a good game.also 2 days to tryouts.also if anybody have any tips or anything for rebounding let me know.thankyou for reading my post i will have another one later sorry it wasnt that long.

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day 20

Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Aug 20, 2011

Tuesday is my school basketball tryouts.i been practicing by running 2 miles a day shooting 200 shots working on my defence freethrows going to camps and tournaments ahd practicing every day of the summer to be better than last year to put up my assist and rebounds and scoring even more.everyday of the summer to have a good basketball season this year and i am ready!!!!!! yesterday after school i practice with my friends because they are trying out too so we played 4 on 4 and 21 on my basketball court.i also practice my freethrows and my loayups and reverse layups and up iand under.also my is the my last game playing with the 13 and 14 and 15 years old aau team.the game is in 3 hours so right now iam outside practicing and writing this new post on my ipad i left my laptop inside so i am writing with my ipad.i shot 100 shots 50 freethrows and jumping rpoe with my ankle weights on.getting ready for the game.i also ran 4 blocks around the neighborhood.yesterday i just got some new lebrons.i saved up to 438 i am getting everything i just preordered nba 2k12 and madden 12 and the new call of duty game and halo the lebrons that cost 125.99.i have 69 dollars left.thank you for reading my post and i will have another one after the game in a few hours.

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Monday school stated i had a good first week.i found out tryouts were in 2 weeks.i been on the team for 2 years strait.going into 7th grade i want to be even better than last year and get my assist up.i lead the varsity team in scoring the last 2 years so people already know i will make the team.i am not taking any chances because there will be more people trying out this year and people from other schools who was on their school 5th grade i average 19 ppg 6 apg 3 rpg. in 6th grade i average 23 points per game 5 apg 6 rpg.i also been to camps and aau.2 days ago my workout was running 1 mile jumping rope with ankle weights.doing 30 pusups and situps. i also lift  some weigts.i measured my self that day and i grown half a inch.i am 5'6 in a half now.yesterday my workout was shoot 100 shots and 50 freethrows.also i put on my ankle weights and practice layups with them on.then i ran a half of a mile and went inside.thankyou for reading my post

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DAY 9 AND 10

Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Aug 7, 2011

Sorry for my absence i was hanging out with  my cousin thaddeus young.we were playing nba 2k11 and playing 1on 1 .2 days ago he help me on my defence and passing.when he left i was running a half of a mile.doing 30 pushups situps leg crunches andcurlups.i also practice jumping rope with my ankle weights on for 30 min.then i practice my defence like my cousin said.that was all for that day.yesterday my dad and me got up early and ran 2 miles.after that we went to the gym and practiced my defence and passing skills.i also jump rope and did 30 pushups and situps.then i practice my shuttle run.I also shot 100 shots of 3's.then i practice my freethrows and shot 100 of them and made 94 out of 100.then i stared dribbling with 2 balls for 30 minutes.then i tried dunk and i almost dunk the jump roping and ankle weights i have to keep using if i want to dunk by highschool because i am 5'6 going to 7th grade.then after the gym i went swimming in are pool for 2hours and 17minutes.after that i ran for another mile.thyen i played nba 2k11 online with my friends and went to their house for an sleepover.thanks for reading my post and sorry again for my absence and school is about to start this month.

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day 3

Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Jul 28, 2011

Today was a hot day .In the morning i just did 30 pushups and situps and curlups inside.then for 2 hours i played ncaa football 12.then i watch a hardwood classic on nba tv.i went outside to practice at 2:30.i did 200 shots and 100 layups 100 freethrows.i practice mostly on my 3point shot and my freethrows then i i put on my ankle weights and did layups and jumpshots with them on.then me and my dad shot the best out of 50.he made 31 out of 50 and i hit 38 out of 50.i went back inside at 8:00.thanks for reading my post sorry it is not that long i will try to dop better tommorow.

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day 2

Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Jul 26, 2011

today was a good the middle of the day i went outside on my uncle and auntie backyard they had a big basketball court.they said that my cousin thaddeus young used to play there when he visited he was i told them i will practice on it because i had a game that day. on it i did my 35 pushups and situps also i did leg crunches for an hour. then i ran for 1 mile.after i did that i went inside and had my lunch.i had a carrot juice ,tomato and a lettuce sandwitch and some fruit.i went back out there and shot 200 shots and 100 layups on my right i really didnt need to because i have big hands and i can hit layups with both hands and  i dribble great with my right hand since i was 7.i also shot 100 3 point shots and hitted 78.then i practice my freethrows for an hour.i also practise my putbacks with my friends.i also practice my crossover and stepback move.then i jump on a chair back and fourth for jumping ability.there was  1 hour left until my summerleague playoff game.i check my watch to see how long i practiced and it was 4hours and 15 minutes.i went inside got ready for my game and when i was mom picked me up and took me to my game.i hade a great game we won 54 to 29.i had 31 points 4 rebouds , 11 assist,1 steal and 2 summercamp team is going to the championship and i cant wait.thankyou all for reading my post i will have a new one soon.

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about me

Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Jul 25, 2011

i just read epe09 blog and she gave me the ideal that i havent wrote anything about me.i know i just made a post 15min. ago but i had to write about me and this will be cool.ok iam in 6grade going to 7th this year and i am on my school basketball team. we are a good team i am the captain i average 22.3 ppg 6.4 apg 5.2 rpg and 1 block a game. iam 5'6 i can touch the rim and i can shoot the ball  from deep teammates call me kevin durant because i can shoot deep and i can touch the rim and i have long arms and i like to do crossovers and i like to my stepback move.also like to score one time i scored cousin is thaddeus young he plays in the nba for the i am playing at a summerleague and we are in the playoffs.i won the 3point contest and most outstanding award here.i am averaging 24.4ppg 5.4apg 6.8rpg.the reason i made this blog to tell people about my journey to the nba and to be a great player ,better then the legends and just have fun being able to play because i love basketball.everytime since i was 5 i promise myself i will practice everyday and have fun doing it. thank you everybody for reading this i will have more in a day or 2.have any comments let me know.

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part 2 day 1

Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Jul 25, 2011

hey everyone just got back from mcdonalds and then i went played nba 2k11 on playstation network and ncaa football 12.then i went in my exercise room and did 25 jumping jacks and 35pushups.then i went to watch nba tv and i got on my laptop and got on twitter .then i went to ihoops .com read 23airjordan blog and epe09 day 2 post.then i jump on a chair for 20 dad said that if jump on a chair back and forth you will beable to jump higher because i already can touch the rim and i am 5'6 and i want to dunk not just touch the rim.also i talk to my cousin thadeous young he plays in the nba for the 76ers .he said i should go to his summercamp so he can teach me some moves and so i can teach the 10 and 9 years i told him i will think about it.thank you all for reading my new post my next will be soon any comments let me know.

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Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Jul 25, 2011

today i just read epe09 blog and i made a i was outside today i shooted 400 times practice my dribbling for an hour. then my friends came over to play pickup basketball 5 on 5. i had 10 points we were going to 21.istayed out there for 2 more hours to practice my game.then i went inside listen to some music. then i played nba 2k11 and call of duty blackops, and duke nukem forever on my ps3.then i went swimming in my pool for an hour.after that i went and watch the was a good day so far.thank you all for reading this tell your friends.i will have another post tommorow.if there is any comments let me know.

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