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Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Jul 25, 2011

today i just read epe09 blog and i made a i was outside today i shooted 400 times practice my dribbling for an hour. then my friends came over to play pickup basketball 5 on 5. i had 10 points we were going to 21.istayed out there for 2 more hours to practice my game.then i went inside listen to some music. then i played nba 2k11 and call of duty blackops, and duke nukem forever on my ps3.then i went swimming in my pool for an hour.after that i went and watch the was a good day so far.thank you all for reading this tell your friends.i will have another post tommorow.if there is any comments let me know.

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Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Jul 23, 2011

the nba lockout should end about oct.30 .also lebron james is a beast and him and miami will win that ring.what is everybodys averges in a basketball games.also what is your favorite basketball player and team.

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Posted by miamiHEATBOY23 Jul 23, 2011

hello i want to talk about the new shoes the addidas crazy lights they are awesome i have a pair they are so light.also what is basketball averges.the lockout will end october 30.the nfl lockout could end next week.also have anyone participated in the skills challenges.also you have to have ncaa football 12 i just got it.also lebron james is a beast .if you have anything to say you can let me know.

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