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First Running Experience

Posted by Michelle Bowie on Sep 29, 2011 8:54:21 PM

Last sunday I was able to run, no problem. It was actually a great feeling because I could breathe! My old breathing pattern (counting on strides) was breathe in 3 then out 2, but this time it was more like in 4 out 4. It seemed a lot more oxygen was getting in my lungs and that made a huge difference in my stamina. The bad thing was since I wasn't used to this, getting in the rhythm was difficult which caused me to have severe side and stomach cramps. I had to stop at 1 mile when it felt like I cold go on. Good news is I ran for that long and usually, after a long period of not running, a mile seems impossible. I can already tell getting in shape is going to be 10 times easier after this surgery! woohoo



Then..... I got brave. -.-  I tried the Insanity workout at home the next day. I had to stop because I hurt myself and that pain lasted the whole week. I feel pretty stupid for trying such an intense workout when I'm still healing, but at least I listened to my body when it started hurting from the get go . I decided to take the week off to heal some more and try Insanity October 1st.  I'm going to make sure to take it very very slow this time and if it's difficult, I'm ok with just running for now. Insanity just gets me in the spirit of exercising, that's why I'm so eager to do it so soon. We'll see how it goes, I have 3 days so hopefully I'll be fine. Hoping and praying because I want to start getting in shape! ;D

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Michelle Bowie

Michelle Bowie

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After my surgery I'm anxious to get back running.It's going to take some time but eventually I'll make progress and be able to further my physical fitness beyond what was possible before. I'm going to be in the best shape of my life!

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