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The Whole 9 Miles

Posted by PMcClinton on Apr 10, 2010 8:04:36 PM

Today, I ran 9 miles! Can you believe it! 9 Miles.  Well, I rested my knee for three days.  Then, yesterday, I planned to run 2 miles, but got so busy, it got too late and had to go to work - so I rested it 4 days.  Then right as I got to mile 1 - yes you heard me - mile 1, there the knee pain was again.  Not stability, but right on top of the knee and more painful with every step.  But I had a decision to make - stop or push through.  Well, I decided to push it - and see if this injury was gonna take me out.  Might as well know now. So, instead of stopping, I went down to 1/1  intervals and upped my pace to a full stride (never done that before).  Guess what?  Pain totally went away.  When I slowed down, pain came back.  Hubby says that when you run faster you work a completely different set of muscles.  I was barely plugging along at 7 miles to get to 8 last week.  At mile 8, I felt good.  But then I got tired, slowed down, and the knee pain came back - good and back.  But I finished 9 miles - proud of me!

I went over to the running store and their braces and bands were way too expensive, so I got a regular wrap and knee band at Walmart and for the next few days I'll be on RICE - rest, ice, compression, elevate.  Hubby thinks ice is the miracle worker, so I'm gonna give it a try.  Still going strong. Next week, I go for 10 - and it'll be my first time running to the next town over.  Yay! Let's go!

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