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beats by dre Chancellor of Tehran University says the growth rate in Iran's  scientific research has been 11 times more than the world's average  growth rate.Iranian academic Dr. Majid Shahriari was killed in the early  hours of November 29 when his car came under a bombing attack by  terrorists in the capital, Tehran. Another university professor, Dr.  Fereydoun Abbasi, and his wife survived a separate attack on the same  day.Rahbar noted that Iran will soon make more progress in different  scientific fields due to the country's monster beats by dr dre potentials and the endeavors made by Iranian scientists.       Addressing the closing ceremony of Research and Innovation Week in the Iranian city of monster beats headphones Qazvin, Farhad Rahbar said the scientific growth has promoted Iran  towards having over one percent share in the global scientific research  production.Scientific production growth rate in Iran has reached 70  percent over the past 15 years,鈥� he went on to say.He further pointed  out that recognizing the country's potentials and planning according to  current needs will help generate wealth through scientific  advances.Referring to the relationship between technical wholesale beats by dre advances and social welfare, Rahbar emphasized that each country owes its development to its scientific growth and progress.       He also said that when enemy failed to succeed in its mischievous aims of imposing sanctions on Iran, it tried to realize monster beats tour its objectives through assassination of Iranian scientists.They are  ancestors of people in Papua New Guinea, but not of the great majority  of people in Eurasia," Reich said in a statement.Results suggest that  early ancestors of some Pacific islanders passed through Asia and  dallied with the Denisovans.Modern Melanesians are genetically distinct  from Polynesians and live on New Guinea, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, and the  Solomon Islands as well as some smaller neighboring islands monster headphones.

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beats by dre The death toll from a cholera outbreak has reached almost 2,600 across  Haiti, provoking anger among locals who link the water-borne bacterial  infection to witchcraft.Haiti's communications minister Marie-Laurence  Lassegue meanwhile presses for an awareness campaign about the outbreak,  saying "voodoo practitioners have nothing to do with the cholera  epidemic.According to monster beats by dr dre official figures, the bacterial infection which first appeared in  mid-October has so far claimed 2,591 lives across the troubled nation.       At the outbreak's peak in November, there were daily death tolls of  60, 70 and monster beats headphones even 80 and above.A total of 121,518 people had also been  treated for the infection, including 63,711 who received hospital  treatment, health ministry figures as of December 17 showed.According to  health ministry officials about 50 people died of the disease on each  of the wholesale beats by dre last five days recorded.Meanwhile, angry locals continue to link the  infection to witchcraft, lynching at least 45 suspects in recent weeks,  AFP reported.       We have counted 40 people dead in Grand'Anse department alone, where  people are attacking natural healers they accuse of cholera-linked  witchcraft," communications ministry official Moise Fritz Evens said.The  number included at least monster beats tour 14 suspected sorcerers who have formerly been lynched in the far  southwestern region of Grand'Anse, which has been largely spared by the  outbreak. Five others were also killed in similar circumstances across  the country.The victims -- most of them voodoo priests -- were stoned or  hacked with machetes before being burned in the street," added the  official monster headphones.

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beats by dre Fresh protests will be held across the UK on January 29 against the  increase in university tuition fees and plans to enforce cuts on higher  education, British unions have announced."The magnificent students'  movement needs urgently to find a wider echo if the government is to be  stopped", said McCluskey.Violent clashes erupted between student  protesters and police monster beats by dr dre outside Parliament earlier this month, when MPs voted to increase  tuition fees up to 锟�00 a year.Police "kettled" thousands of protesters  for hours and arrested dozens of people while several others were  injured.        The Education Activist Network and the National Campaign Against Cuts  and Fees have received monster beats headphones the unions' support for a national day of action against the coalition  government's decision to increase tuition fees, the daily Morning Star  reported.Organizers believe tens of thousands of people will turn out in  central London on January 29 to send a clear message to the government.  Our next demonstration needs to send a clear message to the government  that we will come together to build a united struggle to defend  education," wholesale beats by dre said a spokesman.Secretary general of Britain's General Union (GMB)  Paul Kenny voiced 鈥渃omplete support for the groups in their opposition  to the disgraceful and immoral attacks on access to education鈥�.       Kenny said that the GMB central executive council backed those who  were taking a stand against the changes and on the principle of  politicians keeping their word.GMB is proud to join with students and  the University and College Union. Our public services section shop monster beats tour stewards and members will be contacted in order to maximize our  support," he said.Unite union leader Len McCluskey said that unions had  been "put on the spot" by the wave of student demonstrations. Their mass  protests against the tuition fees increase have refreshed the political  parts a hundred debates, conferences and resolutions could not reach",  he added.McCluskey said trade unions had to work with students to build a  wider anti-cuts campaign monster headphones.

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beats by dre Rescue operations are underway in southeastern Iran to free three miners trapped in the Hejdak coal mine in the Ravar district of Kerman province, an official with the Ministry of Industries and Mines says.There was no indication of human error or faulty equipment, Arefi said, noting that experienced miners say this type of accident is very beats by dr dre The only similar incident took place before the victory of the Islamic Revolution of 1979, but that was less intense, although it still required seven days of operations to free the miners, he stated.   Four miners were buried under debris at a depth of 600 meters monster beats headphones after the mine collapsed on Tuesday, IRNA quoted Hossein Sedaqat as saying.Rescuers transferred the body of one of the miners to the surface on Tuesday night, but the fate of the others is still unknown, he added. Sedaqat said, “After the collapse of the mine, local, and safety officials gathered at the site of the accident, and various groups were mobilized to check on the condition of the four miners… We have so far provided the preliminary means for excavation operations, wholesale beats by dre and we have made good progress in this regard.”   Ravar Governor Farajollah Arefi said on Friday that the mine goes deep into a mountain and the rescuers must crawl monster beats tour along a tunnel they have dug to reach the three, and thus must operate very slowly and carefully.He also stated that rescuers from other cities and countries haven't been required "because of the unique nature of coal mines and the fact that mining conditions and methods vary from mine to mine.However, a Ukrainian specialist is helping Iranian experts at the scene, he added monster headphones.

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beats by dre A US-led soldier has been killed in the latest spate of attacks in  eastern Afghanistan, pushing the number of US-led soldiers killed in  Afghanistan so far this year to nearly 700.Obama, however, warned that  US-led troops in Afghanistan continue to face an uphill battle in their  mission.Public support for the prolonged war has eroded substantially in  the United States monster beats by dr dre with a new poll published by ABC News/Washington Post on Thursday  indicating that 60 percent of Americans think that the war is not worth  fighting, up seven points since July.        According to NATO officials, the nationality of the monster beats headphones soldier, who has been killed amid the rise in violence against foreign  troops in eastern Afghanistan, is not known, AFP reported on  Saturday.The military alliance also said another US-led soldier died of  non-combat-related injury in northern Afghanistan on Friday.Some 150,000  NATO troops are currently fighting in war-torn Afghanistan with plans  to stay in the country beyond 2014.2010 has been the bloodiest year of  the nine-year war in Afghanistan, with casualties soaring among foreign  troops, wholesale beats by dre mainly due to a dramatic increase in Taliban attacks.       The upsurge in the number of casualties among US-led foreign forces in tandem with the heavy monster beats tour civilian casualties have provoked a barrage criticism from countries  which have contributed troops to the prolonged Afghan mission.The latest  casualty comes as US President Barack Obama on Thursday unveiled the  result of a two-month National Security Council assessment on the war in  Afghanistan, claiming that Washington has been "on track" in achieving  its objectives in the war-wracked country monster headphones.

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beats by dre Researchers at the Berlin Charite hospital say they have 鈥渃ured鈥� a  cancer patient of the HIV virus after treating him with a bone marrow  transplant.This has encouraged some researchers to consider gene therapy  as a treatment or a way to cure AIDS.The technology, however, is still  in experimental stages, Reuters reported.I don't want to throw cold  water on an interesting thing, but that's what it is -- an interesting  thing," Gallo said.The patient, who had both HIV infection and leukemia,  was treated by Thomas Schneider and his colleagues in 2007. HIV monster beats by dr dre is a retrovirus that nests in the DNA, the key genetic material of cells.       The team provided him with the bone marrow from a donor who had a genetic mutation known to monster beats headphones give patients a natural immunity to the virus.Nearly four years after  the transplant, there is no trace of the virus anywhere in his body,  scientists wrote in a report published in the journal Blood.Our results  strongly suggest that cure of HIV has been achieved in this patient,"  they said.Schneider's team has been taking samples from the patient's  colon, liver, spinal fluid and brain as he developed various conditions  that justified the wholesale beats by dre tests. All these places are suspected "reservoirs" where HIV can hide  for years and rebound in patients who stop taking anti-infection drugs.       AIDS researchers, however, reject bone marrow transplant as a method  to monster beats tour treat HIV patients.It's not practical and it can kill people," said Dr.  Robert Gallo of the Institute of Human Virology at the University of  Maryland, who helped discover the human immunodeficiency virus that  causes AIDS.It is possibly a cure, that's for sure, you won't know for  absolute sure until the person dies and undergoes extreme PCR (genetic)  analysis of post-mortem tissue.In bone marrow transplant, the patient's  own bone marrow should be destructed and be replaced with a transplant  from a donor who has a near-exact blood and immune system type monster headphones.


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beats by dre A European Union prosecutor who says Israel has been trading with an  elaborate organ trafficking network in Kosovo has brought the case to  Pristina District Court, a report says.Among the suspects are some of  Kosovo's most famous doctors. One of them used to be permanent secretary  of health and gave the clinic a false license. Also Dr Lutfi Dervishi, a  monster beats by dr dre university professor, who is said to be the ringleader of the group, set up the operations.       Police were alerted to the network in November 2008, when a Turkish man, Yilmaz Altun, appeared monster beats headphones exhausted at Pristina airport while waiting to board a flight home.  When questioned by police, he said he had donated his kidney to an  Israeli recipient. Kosovo law forbids the removal and transplant of  organs.The Council of Europe has launched a probe into the issue and its  report will be released to the public in France on Thursday.There are  also charges pressed against an Israeli individual and a Turkish doctor  who have not been arrested wholesale beats by dre yet.The organs were illegally removed from the victims and transplanted  into rich recipients most of whom were from Israel, Canada, Germany and  Poland.       Jonathan Ratel, who serves in Kosovo as part of the EU's rule of law  mission, has announced that monster beats tour the seven suspected Kosovons working as physicians for a clinic called  Medicus in the capital, Pristina, belong to an international network  that trades in the organs of people suffering from extreme poverty, the  Associated Press reported.The donors were from Moldova, Kazakhstan,  Russia and Turkey and were enticed with the false promise of payments as  much as 20 thousand dollars. However, they never got any money monster headphones.

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beats by dre A boat carrying dozens of suspected asylum-seekers has capsized off Australia's west coast as many, including children, are feared dead, witnesses say.According to local media, there were 70 to 80 people on board and at least 40 of them have so far been rescued.The tragedy continued for some time and we witnessed people actually drowning,'' a witness said.There were children in the water. There was one very small child in a life jacket floating face down for a very long time... clearly dead,” another witness said.The Western Australia state monster beats by dr dre police declined to give any immediate confirmation of casualties or deaths in the accident.   Locals said that the boat came into local waters some time on monster beats headphones Wednesday morning without being detected by the country's authorities.The incident occurred on Wednesday when the boat crashed into cliffs at Christmas Island - an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean.The waves came in and the boat crashed onto the rocks and smashed the boat, and people were drifting around," wholesale beats by dre local councilor Kamar Ismail said.Ismail said locals had tried their best to pull survivors from the water "but we can't do much because the sea was very, very rough."   "Once it hit the rocks it shattered into pieces. I heard people screaming for help, we just said to them monster beats tour We can't,' we can't do much, we could throw them life jackets, that's all.Australia's acting Prime Minister Wayne Swan confirmed "a number of people" had lost their lives and that a Navy and a Customs vessel were working in the rescue.There has been a tragic incident on Christmas Island, a people smuggler's boat has crashed into the rocks, a number of people have been rescued but sadly some bodies have been retrieved," Swan said.The Australian official further pointed out that rescuers faced "very difficult weather' and "very difficult conditions monster headphones.

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beats by dre Before you spit out that glass of water or dunk your swimsuit in  Clorox, relax. These tiny organisms are harmless. They are important for  other reasons. They are part of the so-called nanoplankton and play  critical roles in the ocean food chain. Choanoflagellates are voracious  single-cell predators.The beating of their long flagellum both propels  them through the water and monster beats by dr dre creates a current that helps them to collect bacteria and food  particles in the collar of 30 to 40 tentaclelike filaments at one end of  the cell.       There can be thousands to millions of choanoflagellates in a gallon of  monster beats headphones sea water, which may filter 10 to 25 percent of coastal surface water  per day. Choanoflagellates in turn serve as food for planktonic animals  like crustacean larvae, which are consumed by larger animals, and so on  up the food chain.For most of the first 2.5 billion years of life on  Earth, most species were microscopic, rarely exceeding one millimeter in  size, and unicellular. Many different kinds of larger life forms,  including fungi, animals and plants, wholesale beats by dre subsequently evolved independently from separate single-celled ancestors.       This is where comparisons between choanoflagellates and animals come into play. monster beats tour The close kinship between choanoflagellates and animals means that  there once lived a single-celled ancestor that gave rise to two lines of  evolution 鈥� one leading to the living choanoflagellates and the other  to animals. Choanoflagellates can tell us a lot about that ancestor  because any characteristics that they share with animals must have been  present in that ancestor and then inherited by both groups. By similar  logic, whatever animals have but choanoflagellates lack probably arose  during animal evolution monster headphones.

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beats by dre It threatens to reduce further what Archdeacon Emanuel Youkhana of the  Assyrian Church of the East called 鈥渁 community whose roots were in Iraq  even before Christ.Those who fled the latest violence 鈥� many of them  in a panicked rush, with only the possessions they could pack in cars 鈥�  warned that the new violence presages the demise of the faith in Iraq.  Several evoked the monster beats by dr dre mass departure of Iraq鈥檚 Jews after the founding of the state of Israel in 1948.       It鈥檚 exactly what happened to the Jews,鈥� said Nassir monster beats headphones Sharhoom, 47, who fled last month to the Kurdish capital, Erbil, with  his family from Dora, a once mixed neighborhood in Baghdad. 鈥淭hey want  us all to go.For those who fled, though, such pronouncements have been  met with growing skepticism. The daily threats, the uncertainty and  palpable terror wholesale beats by dre many face have overwhelmed even the pleas of Christian leaders not to abandon their historic place in a diverse Iraq.       Their faith in God is strong,鈥� said the Rev. Gabriele Tooma, who heads the Monastery of the Virgin Mary, part of the monster beats tour Chaldean Catholic Church in Qosh, which opened its monastic rooms to 25  families in recent weeks. 鈥淚t is their faith in the government that has  weakened.Three generations of the Gorgiz family 鈥� 15 in all 鈥� fled  their homes there on the morning of Nov. 23 as the killings spread.  Crowded into a single room at the monastery in Qosh, they described  living in a state of virtual siege, afraid to wear crosses on the  streets, afraid to work or even leave their houses in the end monster headphones.

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Bring warlords to justice

Posted by linliyue Dec 12, 2010

beats by dre Hundreds of Afghans have held a demonstration in Kabul to demand that  those responsible for civilian fatalities over decades of war face  justice.As casualties have risen in Afghanistan over the past few  months, public opinion has begun turning against the war in the United  States and other countries.Carrying photographs of victims of three  decades of war, the demonstrators called monster beats by dr dre for justice and peace.In 32 years of war, many people have lost their  lives or migrated to other countries," Tanha added.The United States and  some of its allies invaded Afghanistan in October 2001. The US-led  troops have now been fighting in Afghanistan longer than the Soviet  occupation and war.       Also, hundreds of civilians have lost their lives in US-led monster beats headphones airstrikes and ground operations in various parts of Afghanistan over  the past few months, with Afghans becoming more and more outraged over  the seemingly endless number of deadly assaults.The UN has warned that  decades of war have made normal life nearly impossible for Afghans.The  Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in December 1979 and Soviet troops  withdrew from the country in February 1989, after a little less than  nine years and two months of war.2010 has been the deadliest wholesale beats by dre year of the nine-year war in Afghanistan, with casualties among  civilians and foreign troops at record levels, mainly due to an increase  in Taliban attacks.     And this situation is adding fuel to the fire of anti-US sentiment in  Afghanistan and the rest of the Islamic world.The people monster beats tour at Friday's demonstration, which was organized by the Social  Association of Afghan Justice Seekers, demanded that Afghan warlords be  removed from their positions of power, the Associated Press  reported.These demonstrators want warlords, who are still in power, to  be removed from their positions. They want to see a museum created for  the victims to keep their memory alive," said Ajab Khan Tanha, an  activist who helped organize the demonstration, which was held on  International Human Rights Day monster headphones.

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beats by dre Jonathan Fielding, director of the Los Angeles County Department of  Public Health, said the clinic鈥檚 operators had submitted an incomplete  application and had failed to provide the necessary information after it  was requested several times.Officials delivered the cease-and-desist  order to the clinic, based in Sherman Oaks, a day after a pornographic  film performer, Derrick Burts, monster beats by dr dre said he had waited over a month for the clinic to refer him to a  physician and release his medical records after he tested positive for  the virus that causes AIDS on Oct. 8.       Calls and an e-mail to a clinic operator were not answered Thursday.  Steven Hirsch, founder monster beats headphones of Vivid Entertainment, a pornography production company that provides  financial support to the clinic, said its closing would be temporary.The  clinic serves as a resource for adult performers,鈥� Mr. Hirsch said.  鈥淲e believe they鈥檝e done an admirable job since the day they wholesale beats by dre opened.In the case of Mr. Burts鈥檚 positive test for H.I.V., Mr. Hirsch  said: 鈥淭hey immediately contacted us and told us the situation. Other  performers were quarantined, tested and retested.鈥�       Ged Kenslea, a spokesman for AIDS Healthcare Foundation, said the  manner in which the clinic reported monster beats tour performers鈥� test results to their employers 鈥� often via a database  accessible to producers and talent agents with a password 鈥� violated  privacy laws. Health officials said that privacy violations did not  factor into their denial of a license a license for over a decade, say  officials. Health officials told its operators in May that they must  apply for a license or shut down monster headphones.

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beats by dre Iranian Communications and Information Technology Minister Reza  Taqipour says Iran is on the right track in its plan to launch its first  manned mission to space after completing the study phase.Iran is one of  the 24 founding members of the United Nations Committee on the Peaceful  Uses of Outer Space, which was set up in 1959.To date, only eight  countries have put monster beats by dr dre domestically-made satellites into orbit.        The initial steps for the plan have been taken, and the study phase on the monster beats headphones definition of subsystems, sub-projects, costs, and what projects need  to be developed toward that end, has been conducted, which needs to be  submitted to the Supreme Council on Space,鈥� the Mehr news agency quoted  Taqipour as saying on Monday.He added that the next steps of the plan  will be accelerated once wholesale beats by dre the supervising body approves the programs.       Taqipour noted that additional studies are underway at Iranian universities for the training programs of astronauts and monster beats tour other aspects of space travel.According to Iranian officials, in 2009  the country's Aerospace Organization kicked off a 12-year project to  send an astronaut into space by 2021.In August, President Ahmadinejad  said Iran had reviewed the space mission and decided to launch a manned  shuttle into space by 2017.Iran launched its first domestically-produced  satellite, the Omid, in 2009 monster headphones.

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beats by dre According to those knowledgeable about the events that played out over  less than a week, the agreement was the product of a fast-paced series  of telephone contacts, conference calls and consultations with  Congressional leaders. A critical negotiation on Sunday led to a  surprise cut in employee payroll taxes as the men sought to wrap up the  deal.The final pieces came together Monday, when monster beats by dr dre the vice president called Mr. McConnell to inform him of the White  House鈥檚 price for accepting the Republican plan to provide a generous  exemption for taxing wealthy estates.       With hefty Democratic majorities in Congress the past two years, the  White House has had monster beats headphones little direct engagement with the Republican leadership, trying instead  to win over individual Republicans on a bill-by-bill basis.That  situation seems to have shifted markedly since the midterm elections,  though the White House sought to portray Mr. Biden鈥檚 role in the tax  negotiations as wholesale beats by dre similar to his efforts to produce forward movement on a nuclear arms  reduction treaty and other issues that could benefit from his nearly  four decades in the Senate.He has from the beginning been an ber liaison  to his former colleagues,鈥� one aide said.       Mr. Obama was propelled to his decision in part by a Nov. 18 meeting  with Democratic Congressional leaders that persuaded him the Democrats  were not unified behind a realistic plan for moving forward.So at the  bipartisan monster beats tour leadership meeting last week, the White House and Congressional leaders  agreed to what became known as 鈥渢he six-pack鈥� talks, with two  negotiators each to represent the White House, Congressional Democrats  and Congressional Republicans. At the same time, Mr. Obama made an  undisclosed move that proved more conclusive: He gave a green light to  Mr. Biden to pursue a parallel line of communication with Mr. McConnell monster headphones.

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beats by dre That horse is awesome," Wright said. "I hadn't been on him, but my  brother and a lot of my friends had. They all said that they wished  everybody would have a go at him, and they were right. The horse is like  a rocking chair. Anybody could get in time with him.Wright, of Milford,  Utah, who has placed among the top six in four of the five rounds,  advanced to his first NFR as an alternate for Rod Hay, who could not  compete due to a leg injury. Wright is competing despite a broken bone  in his left ankle.Steven monster beats by dr dre Dent of Mullen, Neb., leads the world standings with $169,499. Dent,  who took over the top spot from the injured Ryan Gray on Saturday, did  not place among the top six in round five.       I hope I can keep coming every year now," he said.Cody monster beats headphones Wright, Jesse's brother, did not place among the top six riders but  maintained his world standings lead with $150,133. Cody and Jesse Wright  are tied for first with $50,841 apiece in total NFR earnings.You go a  while without getting one and you're thinking 'Is it ever going to come  back around?'" wholesale beats by dre Lowe said. "But there are 15 guys who are out there trying their  hardest, and they're the best bareback riders in the world. So, when you  think about it, it's not uncommon to go a little while without getting a  round win."       Todd Suhn of Hermosa, S.D., didn't finish in the top six, but  continues to lead the monster beats tour world standings with $122,127. Curtis Cassidy of Donalda, Alberta, with  $121,018, remains in second. Trevor Knowles of Mount Vernon, Ore., who  was fourth in 4.1, took over the aggregate lead with a time of 21.6 over  five rounds.In barrel racing, Lisa Lockhart of Oelrichs, S.D., won her  second NFR round with a 13.62-second run. Jill Moody of Letcher, S.D.,  finished second in 13.63 and is the aggregate standings leader with a  time of 69.01 over five rounds monster headphones.

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