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"On the Mound"

March 2008

Little League was a very special time for me. It taught me competition and sportsmanship along with team work. If I didn’t have Little League baseball I would have never have been able to have a chance to continue on to the next level which was Pony League. Quite simply, Little League was a building block for my future and I am thankful to my parents for give me that opportunity.

I will remember this one day until I die. I was scheduled to pitch against a team in the Majors division at Morley Field where Mike Morrow Little League was located.

My mother and father were both there and my mother was expecting my sister Jeannette. Right before the game my mother had to go to the hospital to deliver my new sister.

Before my mother and father left, I promised my mom and dad that I would pitch a no-hitter and hit a homerun for my mom. As the game progressed things seemed to be moving in that direction.


The   game was tied 0-0 and the other pitcher was throwing a good game as well and we   had not got a hit off of him. In the sixth inningour last at-batsI   was the third hitter and hoping that I would not let my Mom down.

I remember that the pitcher had struck out the first two hitters and was throwing the ball hard. I walked up to the plate and could feel my stomach in my throat.

He threw the first pitch right by me for a strike and then turned to me and said “you can’t hit me.” I stepped out of the box and could only see the pitcher on the mound. I was focused.

He threw the next pitch and for some odd reason the ball looked like a beach ball floating up to the plate. All I know is that I swung as hard as I could and hit the ball so hard that it ended up in the adjacent Pony League field on the pitching mound. I could see the people in the stands of the Pony League field had stood up to see who the kid was that hit that monstrous homerun.

With one swing of the bat I was able to win the game, get the no-hitter and hit that homerun that I promised my mother I would hit. I was one very happy young man and so were my parents when they found out what I did. I cherish that moment in my life and that was the day that I told my Dad that I wanted to be a professional baseball player.

+John DAcquisto, Ph.D.

Ex-Major League Baseball Player

San Francisco Giants and San Diego Padres and many more...+


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