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I just did a recap of my journey and realized that 9/2/08 marks the one year anniversary for me being a lifetime member with weight watchers. I am so happy to see that I have been pretty steady and focus to keep at goal.


Finding weight watchers also help me understand how important exercise was and with finding exercise. I wanted to do something that I always thought that was impossible and for me that was running.



Not only do I run now. I run in different event races. November 25, 2007 marks my one year anniversary for racing in an event. I have move on from 5k to half marathons and maybe a full marathon one day.



I have discovered that I am an athlete and that it is never late to become an athlete.



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I did the girl friend run in Vancover WA today. I met over 22 cyber buddies at the event. Always so good to meet cyber friends in person. We have matching shirts so that we could identify each other it was great. The day was a little colder than I like it. It was in the lower 40's no sun and a little cloudy at the start. Not my ideal dream start for me. I was hoping fo no rain and I did get that so I wont complain to much.


I was the first one to come out of the group. I completed my in 2:01:20. I shaved about 10 minutes off my first half. I'm a little disappointed because I could of made my goal if my nike + wouldn't have just stop working. I took a walk trying to fix it. It happened at mile 12 urrgggggggggggggggg. Thats ok I will set another goal and set it for my next race. I keep kicking myself but I think it is time for me to finally get me a garmin.


The event was only open to 1000 women and it was sold out. It was really nice we received soup and all different kinds of fruits a personal stretch and a massage at the finished line. All ladies on the board this is one that you may want to try to get to next year. The view was beautiful only complaint was that it was all pavements



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Race Photos

Posted by cscmartin Sep 15, 2008

Here are some race photos of the lastest races that I have completed! My dear husband also completed the human race with me as well.

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My Race Events

Posted by cscmartin Sep 15, 2008

Very new to running this year. I am really loving how running makes me feel. I have participated in a few races that I am a little proud of.


1. Turkey Stuffer number 1225 very first race and it was a 5k on Thanksgiving day in 2007 time was 34:50 considering I got to the race late with no where to park. I was really proud.



2. Eugene half marathon first event number 5712 of this kind finished at 2:11:50. Felt great after this run. Cant believe I actually did it.



3. Kelly Butte Classic 8k number 4904 finished in 48:42 first 5 mile run race and finished under one hour. Woohoo



4. Nike Human Race 10K on 8/31/08 finished these 6.2 miles in 58:23



5. Girlfriend half marathon to be ran on 10/19/08



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new2running08's Blog

Posted by cscmartin Mar 7, 2008





Today was my cross training day. decided to a 60 min cycle class. It was really fun and really intense. Need to work in my training schedule to participate in at least two every week.:D



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3/6/07 had a great interval run. started off at 6.0 for two minutes went up steady up until 8.0 then rotated from 6.0 to 7.5 for 30 minutes. average miles 3.10.

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