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Health Benefits of Trekking

Posted by ninny83 on Jul 7, 2008 11:48:55 AM

Walking for hours without haste, in a healthy environment, where the air is clean, has a positive impact on all aspects of muscles and ligaments, joints, heart and lungs.


The cardiovascular system in particular is the one who is most affected by the beneficial effects of trekking. The heart gets used to support a job not very intense but prolonged.





This involves an enormous advantage because it increases the amount of blood that the heart can pump to each beat and therefore decreases the speed at which the heart must beat in order to provide adequately day oxygen throughout the body.



Decreasing the heart rate, both in terms of rest and stress, the work of the heart becomes cheaper because the heart muscle tires less to carry out its function.



In addition, the blood vessels grow and become more flexible so that blood pressure tends to lower.





This brings great benefit to the whole body, particularly the heart and muscles, because it develops coronary arteries, which are the vessels supplying blood to the muscle tissue of the heart, and increase the number of the capillaries of muscles which, receiving more oxygen, that can better perform their work.



Trekking improves the respiratory function. When you walk a long time, the frequency of respiration, inhalation and exhalation, tends to increase and, in particular, increases their size so that each inspiration is introduced into the lungs a greater volume of air.



In this way the muscles included in the thoracic cavity enlarge and then compress the lungs. This is a gymnastic that makes them stronger and resistant improving the breathing function.



Do not forget that the trek has also considerable psychological benefits, equally important.



Walking needs to download the nervous tension: the aggressiveness present in every one of us, finds its safety valve and decrease anxiety and tension.



Moving in a natural environment, without annoying noises in an atmosphere unpolluted, has a positive impact on the mind. The feeling of calm and serenity contributes to relaxation.



Trekking is also a source of cultural knowledge, because often you can visit not only landscapes but also villages and fascinating towns.



In short, it is an inexhaustible source of personal enrichment in many points of view and that is why, perhaps, that is continually expanding.



Who starts never stops.



Photo Credit: Trip Adventure Organization "Trekking on Mount Etna and Aeolian Islands"



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