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How do I determine my calorie needs?



○    Total Calorie needs for adults are based primarily on three components – resting energy expenditure (REE), thermal effect of food (TEF), and activity.  Resting Energy Expenditure, also referred to as basal metabolic rate, is the amount of Calories needed to sustain your general physiology at rest.  The thermal effect of food is the amount of energy required to digest food.  The activity component includes all regular physical activity and exercise; obviously those who participate in greater amounts of activity require more Calories. 

○    To quickly estimate REE: females, multiply your body weight (in lbs.) by 10; males, multiply your body weight (in lbs.) by 11. 

○    To estimate your total Calorie needs, add 10% to your REE for TEF and another 40-100% for activity (link to descriptions of activity factor).

○    Optimal Nutrition works with Registered Dietitians to determine your caloric expenditure based on height, weight, age, gender, and activity.  After calculating the amount of Calories you currently burn, we make adjustments based on your weight and body composition goals.




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