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A menthol-scented, mojo-filled Friday link collection…powered by Soigneur!


This week has been a wild one, bouncing back from my half marathon (race report) and prepping for my upcoming work / training trip(s) through Minneapolis and Austin (more on those soon). Really looking forward to some plane & hotel time to get some quality work done…now I just have to remember to sleep!

Lifestyle reading has been interesting this week. Picked up a few new blogs to follow, including Smart Passive Income (sounds cheesy, but he really talks about running a small business) and the Indispensable Guide to Time Management. Over on Muselife, the two guys had a great video interview series with Sam Carpenter of Work The System fame (also very follow-worthy).


Two points on the entrepreneurial front, this week. First, I got my first can of embrocation from the good folks at Soigneur. I am super stoked to try it out this weekend when the temps are due to hit Spring-like levels. Thanks!! Second, I just gave my Cycling 2.0 — Training & Racing with Power talk at TriFitLab in RI. The facility has computrainer set up and enough bike get-fast geekery to make your head spin. If you have to check out Todd online, do that here, but if you can get to the lab…you just gotta! And for those of you looking to start your own gig, Chris over at Art of Nonconformity has a great guest post with Tsilli Pines, who has started her own ketubah (wedding contract) business — talk about niche!


On the technology front, I had to upgrade to a new iPhone 3Gs after two years on one of the original ones. I love it, especially the new camera. Amazing difference. I also have a new backup drive from the folks at Lacie, after my original one died. I now have total redundancy between that and my online backup…here’s to not losing another few years of pictures and memories!


Finally, an update on my own projects…


New Endurance Lifestyle Design page is live on Facebook! If you are interested in making the most of your training time and think there’s more to life than just training (gasp!), you’ll find resources and camaraderie over here. Please Fan Us and tell your friends, thanks!


The Triathlon Answers website now has a weekly summary email that you can subscribe to…see all the questions and then reply to the ones you want. Great for coaches and people with specific interests. Visit the site and subscribe here. Social butterflies can simply follow TA via Twitter!


Have a great weekend!


~ Patrick

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