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Austin Day Two Report

Posted by Patrick McCrann on Mar 15, 2010 1:20:13 PM
Where'd the Road Go???


Day Two found me just a little bit tired from the Friday afternoon bike ride…dowh! I got up early and got in a quick 4 miles + 100 pushups + Crunches. Some quick coffee and it was off to Fitzburgh Road. Some of the Austin Sleeper Cell let me know it was good, and Margot was kind enough to lead me out. Barely any traffic, plenty of hills and great scenery — this was awesome!




The road was a simple out and back, 30 miles each way. There was a slight headwind on the way out (got worse on lap two!) but it made for a faster ride home each time. I really enjoyed the terrain, and I was pleasantly surprised at how well I rode considering I haven’t ridden longer than 20 miles in months (save for yesterday when I did 65). Just a great overall ride!


Day Two Totals: 4 miles run and 120 miles bike.
Totals Thus far: 3k swim, 10.25 miles run and 185 miles on the bike

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