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Training Summary & Friday Links

Posted by Patrick McCrann on Mar 15, 2010 2:10:36 PM
This Is Me...
...Looking At You!

It’s been a while since I put up my weekly training summary, and I wanted to quickly update all of you who have been poking me to find out what’s going on. Bottom line is things are just crazy busy and while I am training, I have had minimal time to log it all in…sound familiar?


In retrospect I was very pleased with my Half Marathon time — it put my vDOT back up to 56 or where I was for most of last year, and it was a 3.5 minute improvement over essentially the same course less than 9 months ago. I took some down time and have been staying as consistent as possible on the bike given the need to run more with Boston Marathon right around the corner (will you be there? if so, let me know). I put in a 17 miler on Monday at about 7:20 pace, which felt good but I was still fatigued from the race the weekend before.


This week I have been on the road to consult in Minneapolis and now down to Austin to train. I have been active, but not on the OutSeason schedule and a bit lighter knowing I have some good training to do this weekend. Without a doubt I have not been training to the volume standards of previous years — as limited as those years were. But the benchmarks are there.


This is the basic strategy known as raising the left and filling in the right. For users of WKO+, you are familiar with the mean maximal power curve. The shorter the time frame the higher the power…the longer the efforts become the lower the power goes (i.e. my 30-second power is much higher then my 3 hour power). Now that I have raised the left to levels consistent with what I was able to put out two years ago in my Ironman prime (10:04 at IM CDA and Kona) I am breaking to do some filling in of the right. I will put in three solid days of big aerobic training and then return to Boston for similarly focused work through the Boston marathon. Then it will be time to go hard again for 4 weeks before heading out to the Tour of California for a slightly longer endurance block.


Of course, planning is one thing, execution is another. I want to crush myself this weekend, but there are many potential conflicts (new town, new weather, rented bike). Whatever plays out, I know it will be fun and I will be shelled. I can’t wait.


If you’d like to follow my training exploits, please find me on Twitter ( If you are in Austin and want to meet up we are doing so on Friday night from 5-7pm, just hit me on Twitter for last minute info.




Before I forget, some quick notes on what’s on my radar this week. I wanted to thank the folks who participated in the consulting project I attended – you all brought your A-game and it showed. In particular Sally McKenzie (@mckenziesa, Michael Silberman at EchoDitto (blog), and Dan Cramer at  I haven’t read it yet, but plan to get a copy of ReWork by 37signals as soon as I can — these guys simply transformed the way I work about two years ago and I have never looked back. Someone just showed me the TaxiMagic app for my iPhone that lets me order — and pay! — for cabs in certain cities right from my phone. I am halfway through The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable by Nassim Taleb, a birthday book that is really a mental mouthful, I love it. What are you up to and, more importantly, what should I be checking out???


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