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Another crazy week, this one marred by my first serious injury of 2010 (yes, I assume there will be more!) and filled by the crazy work preparing for the launch of Marathon Nation. For those of you not following me on Twitter, somehow I managed to tweak my back putting in a swingset for the kids. A huge win for them and a pretty solid setback for me…but I am being as proactive as I can around taking care of it. Turns out my cats love the foam roller, so everyone is happy!

The Launch
We open the doors to 100 Beta Testers on Monday 4/5, which means the better part of the last week has been focused on getting everything ready. If you are a marathon runner, or know one, Marathon Nation is going to change the running game: new training plans, specific guidance and a huge focus on training and racing Return On Investment. There are no more invites, but you can download our race execution resource for an idea of where we are coming from. And if you fan us on Facebook you just might get a special sneek peek before we truly go live later this month. It pays to be a fan!

My personal focus has switched to damage control this week, with my back, and I have been paying a great deal of attention to what young Leigh Boyle has to say about self-care. Here’s a great post on posterior hip, and there’s more if you keep digging.

If you are a start up type of person or think you might want to be, I encourage you to check out the Art of Non Conformity blog. The author, Chris G, will be launching his “Empire Building Kit” next week. If it’s remotely as good as his prior stuff, it will be a game-changer.

Have a great weekend!

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