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Where does the time go? I can’t even remember the last time I posted here and it’s not because I am slacking. Quite the opposite; 2010 is shaping up to be a pretty awesome year. Endurance Nation is growing steadily (we just shipped over 100 singlets!), my new book on Endurance Lifestyle Design is due out soon (no really it is!), and in just a few days, we’ll be opening the doors to Marathon Nation.

Since I haven’t really spoken about it in detail here, forgive me for sharing a few more details with you about Marathon Nation.

++++++++ BEGIN NOTE ++++++++

Doors Open Monday, 4/19, for just 26 hours: Get On The List

If you’ve been around for a while, you know I’ve been very careful and deliberate with the growth of my online businesses. Marathon Nation is no different.

This is my first comprehensive resource for runners, and I want to be careful about opening it up too broadly at first. Therefore, I’m going to open it for one day only. Just 26 hours (get it?), and then that’s it for at least a month.

Why the mysterious deadline? I want to work a bit more closely with the first group of members. After the 26-hour window closes, we’ll spend the next four weeks getting everyone integrated and set up in the community and with our plans. There will be several live video chats where we’ll go through every single question in detail — no matter how long it takes.

After we’ve had a month to get up to speed and improve with the feedback from first group of members, we’ll do another launch to a broader audience. There won’t be as much hand-holding the next time, and the price of membership will probably go up as well.

I’ve worked on this community for the past few months, and I know it is really going to help people take a big step towards improving their running fitness and experience.

If you or someone you know wants access, I encourage you to sign up for our Wait List via the Join Page on the Marathon Nation website.

++++++++ END NOTE ++++++++

For everyone else who’s here just waiting for the regularly scheduled goodness, here’s a quick dose and I promise things will be (mostly) back to normal in just over a week!

My interview this week with Rex Ingram talked a lot about really cool spaces, and Rex actually makes them. Learn more about what he does on his site.

My nutritional focus guy is holding the first ever “Primal Con” in the next few days out in sunny SoCal. I can’t be there, but it’s worth following for sure.

Ironman announced new wetsuit rules, sending tons of non-detail oriented triathletes into a blogging, tweeting frenzy.

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