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Fit Lifestyle: The Volume Pop (Part 2)

Posted by Patrick McCrann on May 21, 2010 9:52:20 AM

To really make the most of your volume pop, a lot of big things need to come together: family, finances, work, etc. But there’s another huge component to a successful big training week that can’t be overlooked: location, location, location.

First, the destination you pick needs to have the infrastructure to support your undertaking. This means from the environment to the stores all the way down to the people. Your challenge is big enough without needing to add other levels of friction to your day.

Second, the destination has to be accessible, both financially and physically. There are some amazing places to go and train, but we don’t want to stretch you too thin out of the gate. That said, some great locations are financially accessible once you are on the ground…so do the research!

Third, it’s all about the people. The people in the area but also the people you train with. When all else fails, the people you are surrounded with will make things better…or at least manageable. Choose wisely and be absolutely sure to treat people as good as – if not better than – you want to be treated yourself!

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