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Tomorrow brings the first day of my annual epic cycling trip courtesy of the Tour of California. I have written extensively about the value of a Basic Week plus an intermittent volume pop to build quality endurance fitness. Done properly, you can get fitter and faster without compromising your daily life and meet some of those bigger picture lifestyle goals.

Over the next few days I’ll be outlining the basics of building the ‘right’ type of volume experience, but today I can quickly touch on the history of this trip to give you some perspective.

This is the fourth consecutive year i’ve made this trek, and every year it’s gotten better. Here’s how we fast tracked it:

# We found an annual event (the Tour) to follow so routes were established and proven;

# We recruited a core group of 5 folks so we could fit in one van with bikes, food, etc;

# We split the days into business in the AM (get out the door and get riding ASAP) and fun in the PM (food and wine, etc). This is vacation after all!

# We did the research – and purchased – the right gear for exercising, supporting/fixing the gear, and lots of food.

More coming soon…


What’s your annual pilgramage? How do you schedule your travel with your goals?

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