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Baby Steps to Standing At Work

Posted by Patrick McCrann on Jun 4, 2010 8:15:29 AM

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Creative Commons License photo credit: Nongbri Family Pix

I recently wrote an article on the benefits of standing at work. I subsequently received quite a few emails and twitter messages about standing at work, and thought another post would be the best way to address the challenges people raised. Please read the original post here and feel free to send me feedback via the comments section or by posting to Twitter with @pmccrann.

#1 – I Can’t Afford A Standing Work Station…

Money shouldn’t come between you and standing. There are plenty of ways to hack your own workstation, such as here and here. Of course, they might not look as professional as one of the high-dollar options, but then again you are standing out for standing at work.

Remember that your early stage goals include finding out exactly what works for you. Some people like a full desk surface to be elevated, while others can do with just a “tower” set up for their computing and/or phone needs. Once you have figured out your standing style you can confidently proceed to making it more permanent.

#2 – Regulations / Office Protocol Prevent Me from Reconfiguring My Desk…

I suggest you check first with your supervisor on this one. Most of the time here are no regulations in place regarding standing, it’s more of a peer pressure situation. If necessary you might need to reference my previous post [link] to make a persuasive case for the standing.

Don’t get psyched out. This is your chance to get your supervisor / co-workers on board with your attempt at standing. At the very least, formulating your convincing argument will come in handy in the future when you’ll be explaining standing to other folks you work with! Besides you might come to an understanding that allows others to explore creating more functional workspaces.

#3 – All My Standing is Making My Co-Workers Nervous…

Unless you are photocopying manifestos and making your own soap [link], I think it’s okay. More seriously, having someone standing behind / next to / in front of you all day can be a little unsettling.

Do your best to make the transition to a new work style as easy as possible for the rest of your team. This could mean anything from taking the time to explain why you are making the change to making sure your new set up doesn’t “loom” over any one person. What you are doing is going against the grain, you don’t have to make it into a fight — everyone deserves to be comfortable at work.

What other tips do you have for fighting for your right to stand?

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