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There’s no doubt, friends, that we are all on a journey. Those of you who follow this blog are more of the endurance-minded kind. You are addicted to endorphins, long training miles, and huge personal tests of endurance. Together we work to bring that passion for living athletically in alignment with your other personal commitments; our lifestyle perspective means that we take a long-term view on success as opposed to looking at individual events. In our world, the longer we play the game, the more we win.

But there’s more to a fit lifestyle than just training.

Underlying all that we do is the need to create a ridiculously healthy foundation from which we can pursue all of our goals. As you can probably attest, pushing too much in any single area can lead to over training, deep fatigue, or injury. It can also mean you are neglecting some of the fundamentals of what makes you who you are. There are no shortcuts in this game.

Healthy living first, Fitness second.

This is why I am really excited to let you know about a great free resource my colleague Matt Gartland over at the Healthy Lifestyle Design blog just published: Fearless Health: How to Thrive In An Unhealthy World. Matt has broken down the building blocks of a modern healthy lifestyle and presented them in a simple, thoughtful manner.

To quote directly from Matt himself…


So, What’s This Report All About?

Well, imagine a life where you…

* Are rarely, if ever, sick
* Have health care costs totaling only your preventative exams
* Embody the physical ability and energy to do whatever you wish
* Possess the mental courage and creativity to bring your dreams to life

This is not a dream world. This is the reality of those with unconventional and remarkable health. And it can be your reality too.

That’s the purpose of this manifesto – to inspire you to pursue and train you to achieve FEARLESS HEALTH.


It’s a great read, and it’s FREE, so download it here and take it with you to review the next time you have a few minutes. You’ll be really glad you did!

Thanks again and have a great week!


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