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Patrick McCrann's Blog

September 10, 2010

ELD Book Cover


With the launch of my new book coming in less than two months, I am getting pretty pumped to spread the word about what this book is really about.

First, let me be clear that the fundamental premise of the book is pretty simple. We can all be much, much fitter than we are right now if we can structure our lives in such a way that allows us to get the best possible training in at the right times. Not the most training all the time. Not a slave to the job or other commitments. This is about purposefully building a lifestyle that will integrate your passion for endurance sports with all the other things that are most important for you.


This book is not for you if…

  • …you are looking for a list of cool workouts;
  • …you want to be come an endorphin-monk and train away the rest of your days;
  • …you want some top-secret short cut to the top.

I have to be honest and say it’s not really a book, it’s more of a manual. After the introductory section of the book I move right into outlining strategies that you can use in your own life. I have included several case studies to show you how other folks get it done on a regular basis. There are even several worksheets to help you get the ball rolling right away.


I have worked hard to make sure the book is ready-to-use, and I feel that I am pretty much there.


As we build to the launch of the book in November, I wanted to recap some of what the book is about (above) as well as collect and share some of the information I have already made public about the book itself. In addition to the links below, consider downloading the FREE Fit Life eBook as an interim-resource until the full book comes out in November.


Thanks and enjoy!!!


~ Patrick

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Art of Non Coformity Book


Just Released on Amazon here: Art of Non-Conformity Book


I follow about 20 folks online, mainly because the vast majority of folks out there aren’t doing new, inspiring stuff. My top 20 do, and for their efforts, documentation and sharing I am truly grateful. Chis Guillebeau, the author of the brand new rt of Non-Conformity Book and chief architect of many a world-domination plan via the AONC online empire, is one such inspirational character.


This book captures the core tenets of Chris’ philosophy, which center around how to live a remarkable life. He’s carving his path by traveling to all 192 countries (as recognized by the UN) and using those experiences to connect with others. His advice via the unconventional guides he has published over the last three years. With topic ranging from World Domination to the Frequent Flier Ninja and the all-encompassing Empire Builder, Chris has you covered.


And now, thanks to the miracle of book publishing, you’ve got a guide that doubles as your passport to a world of remarkable living. An absolute must-have read for folks looking to change their lives in today’s digital age.


Enjoy…I’m off to buy my copy…


~ Patrick

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