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As  many of you know, I appear in several other places on the web outside  of this blog. One of these areas is a relatively new community called  Marathon Nation (


This is an online community for everyday runners lookingto have  breakthrough performances without injury, sacrifice and ridiculous  training protocols. We’re crazy about running, but we aren’t crazy  runners. Get it?


Anyway, we just published our first free eBook, 29 Tips to Transform Your Run (more here).  It contains over 50 pages of insight and guidance on a variety of  different ways you can improve your running. Some tips are  fitness-oriented, other pointers are motivational; one or two might be  downright controversial…but they have all helped at some time, in some  way.


If you or someone you know are looking to become a better runner, please download and read a copy of this FREE eBook. Even if just one of the tips helps, it could  mean the difference between an average season and something much more.  And besides, it’s free.


If you have feedback or tips of your own, please find me online over on the Official Facebook Page of Marathon Nation.


Thanks for your support!


~ Patrick

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