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Pop Warner

December 5, 2008

Communities Coming Together

Posted by RyanActive Dec 5, 2008

Google News is a great tool to comb media sites nationwide for a particular subject. For example...Pop Warner.


This is great news out of upstate New York, and indicative of the support Pop Warner football and cheer and dance teams are getting nationwide. The Junior Bills out of the Buffalo area are heading down to Florida after securing enough funds to pay for the travel.


This is always a hectic issue in the week leading up to the Super Bowl--teams are responsible for getting down to Florida by themselves, leading to last-second pleas for donations through media outlets.


The Junior Bills got help in the form of $5,000 from a local wholesale business and $15,000 from First Niagara Bank.


In this tough time for the U.S. Economy, it's great to see people willing to give to see young athletes have memories that will last a lifetime.

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